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The 120 Shipwreck  New Jersey's (Wreck Valley)

Historical and current New Jersey Shipwreck Information and images for scuba divers and fisherman.
According to Capt Steve Nagiewicz " The 120-Shipwreck is so-named for it's compass heading from Manasquan Inlet, a name probably to it by the captain who originally found the wreck. It seems to be another of the many schooner barges found wrecked along the New Jersey coast, although no one has found any of her sailing gear, ground tackle, or even brass artifacts. It could very easily be just a regular old barge.

The 120 lies about 8 miles from Manasquan Inlet, in 79-83 feet of water, on a nice hard sand bottom, and is very low-lying. Wreckage consists of a thick keel, about 120 feet long and 3-4ft high and 3 feet wide, with low decking off to the sides. A chain pile, no anchor, and some deck winches and bollards are evident. The wreckage lies east-west and is about 200 feet long overall. Smaller pieces of decking and wreckage can be found very far off the main wreck (over 150 ft) and are usually good buoy dives in themselves from time to time, but are small and hard to find. Lying flat are the hull sides, which have fallen completely off the keel and are mainly buried in the bottom.

The side scan image shows you what the wreck looks like from a sonar picture. The bow is up on the top right, her keel is the long structure in white, while her decking is the next longest 'white' line. The spaces provided by the hull ribbing and decking planks make some excellent lobster holes. These are very long and deep and provide homes for some of the biggest bugs a diver can see. But unless you have 20ft long arms the lobsters just stay back and safe from bubble-belching predators.

The 120-Wreck is a very nice dive, good for seeing, sometimes catching big bugs, and for shooting some medium sized tautog and sea bass. It is very often dived by commercial and private boats, usually as a second dive inshore from the Stolt Dagali or USS Algol."

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