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Wreck Valley  3-D Shipwreck Images by Aaron Hirsh 

Historical and current New York and New Jersey Shipwreck sketches and 3-d imaghes images for scuba divers and fisherman.

linda shipwreck sketch   

3-4 u/w Shipwreck Sketches  
Artist Aaron Hirsh, Capt Berg and the Wreck Valley crew invite you to participate in

one of their new shipwreck sketching projects. During the 2004-2006 dive season Capt. Dan and Aaron worked on a variety of shipwreck sketches. You can see each 3-d shipwreck sketch by clicking on links listed below.

Eureka final.jpg (955948 bytes)   baldeagle3-d.jpg (43033 bytes)
Eureka Shipwreck
copyright 2004   
Eureka Shipwreck

Bald Eagle Shipwreck 
copyright 2004
Shipwreck bald eagle



BaldEagleGhost3-d.jpg (25722 bytes)   Ranger and divers.jpg (434828 bytes)
Ghost Wreck near Bald Eagle
copyright 2004 
Shipwreck bald eagle
  Ranger Shipwreck  

Shipwreck Ranger

Hankins rev 11-06-02.jpg (460742 bytes)   Sailer-10-31-02.jpg (465186 bytes)
Hankins Wreck
unidentified wood schooner 80' 
Shipwreck Hankins
  N.E. Sailer Wreck
unidentified wood schooner 80' 
shipwreck north east sailer
Lost_Wreck-2.jpg (818795 bytes)   Coffee_wreck-1.jpg (42276 bytes)
Lost Wreck (135')
unidentified shipwreck.
Also known as 3/4 Tug
and Wed Tug 
shipwreck lost wreck
  Shipwreck Coffee
Linda_Wreck_exp2.jpg (16080 bytes)    
Shipwreck Linda    
Shipwreck Sketch PDF Booklets
Set #1      G&D (Yankee), Iberia, Lizzie D, Oregon, R.C. Mohawk, Tarantula wrecks.
Set #2      USS Algol, Brunette, Delaware, Dual Wrecks (Adonis & Rusland), Emerald, and Pinta
Set #3      Three Sisters, Dragger Shipwreck, Relief Ship, Arnoff, Cornelia Soule and Fran S Shipwreck.

Buy Now  only $4.95 for all 3 sets! That is 18 sketches.

Shipwreck Sketch booklet set. Each set contains thirteen 4x6 pages. Each set provides divers with 6 compact printable sketches of a popular shipwrecks off New Jersey and New York. The sets also contain pertinent dive information and History of the vessel. These compact sheets were originally printed and sold on waterproof underwater slates. The slates have not been available in any format for years. Now Capt. Dan has re- released these popular underwater sketches in a downloadable PDF format. You get a total of 18 dynamic underwater shipwreck sketches. Total of three sets

3-D u/w Shipwreck Sketches  (NY, NJ)     Buy Now  only $4.95

Artist Aaron Hirsh, and Capt Berg of the Wreck Valley created a variety of 3-D shipwreck art images. Total of eight shipwrecks are included in this downloadable printable set. Each image is formatted to 10" wide. and suitable for framing. Print the entire set and take them with you when exploring these popular NY & NJ dive sites. Wrecks included are the Linda Wreck, Ranger, Hankins, Lost Wreck (also known as the 3/4 Tug), Coffee Wreck, Bald Eagle, Eureka and the NE Sailer





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