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The Bermuda Shipwreck Expo  Capt. Dan Berg's Guide to Shipwrecks information
Historical and current Bermuda Shipwreck Information and images for scuba divers and fisherman.

Shipwreck map of Bermuda
Click on wreck name on chart for complete history of each shipwreck. Or check out our complete data base of Bermuda shipwreck information below.

Airplane Wreck    Alert    Apollo Wreck   Avenger Wreck    
Beaumans Castle     Blanch King Wreck   Caesar Wreck    Caraquet Wreck  
HMS Cerberus Wreck   Collector Wreck   Colonel William Ball   Constellation Wreck   
Cristobal Colon Wreck   Curlew Wreck   Darlington Wreck   Drydock Wreck  
Eagle Wreck   Early Riser Wreck   Elda Wreck    Frenchman Wreck  
Grotto Bay Barges Wreck   Hermes Wreck       Hunters Galley Wreck   Iristo Wreck  
Kate Wreck   Katherine Wreck     King Wreck   La Bermuda Wreck  
Lartington Wreck   L'Hermine Wreck      Lord Amherst Wreck    Madiana Wreck   
Manilla Wreck     Mari Celeste Wreck   Mark Antonio Wreck    Minerva Wreck  
Minnie Breslauer Wreck   Montana Wreck   Mussel Wreck   North Carolina Wreck   
HMS Pallas Wreck   Pelinaion Wreck   Pollockshields Wreck   Ramona Wreck   
Richard P Buck Wreck   San Antonio Wreck   San Pedro Wreck   Santa Ana Wreck     
Sea Venture Wreck    Taunton Wreck   Triton Ferry Wreck    Virginia Merchant  
HMS Vixen Wreck   Warwick Wreck    Wychwood Wreck    Zovetto Wreck  
List of Bermuda Shipwrecks              

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A Vacationing Divers Guide to Bermudas Shipwrecks

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by Dan and Denise Berg, 6x9, 73 page downloadable ebook. From the first quarter of the 16th century, Bermuda became a landmark for Spanish ships sailing back to Spain from the New World. The desire to sight Bermuda to confirm their position often ended their voyage as they wrecked on Bermuda's outer reefs. To this day Bermuda's treacherous reefs have taken their toll on shipping. The reefs have claimed vessels ranging from ocean lines to small fishing boats. Bermuda Shipwrecks is the most comprehensive, accurate, illustrated collection of information, photographs, sketches and stories ever written about the legendary wrecks around Bermuda. Bermuda Shipwrecks includes over 100 illustrations comprised of 61 sensational color photos, 17 rare b&w historical images, 19 stamps, 4 sketches plus one map. Bermuda Shipwrecks contains a wealth of enlightening information that gives the readers a nostalgic glimpse into the history and present condition of over 55 of Bermuda's most popular Shipwrecks. 

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shipwreck air lift treasure hunting

    metal detecting with scuba in Bermuda

How to SHIPWRECK DIVING Guide By Capt Dan Berg


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Bermuda offers an unbeatable combination of wreck and reef diving opportunities. From lush coral reefs to shipwrecks spanning five centuries of nautical history, Bermuda has some of the most far-flung islands on earth. This guidebook not only describes 36 of the most popular, varied and interesting sites within the main Bermuda island group, but shows you what they look like, with full colour photos throughout.

You'll get specific information on:

  • depth and visibility
  • suggested diving expertise
  • common and hazardous marine life
  • top-side practicalities, from accommodations to weather and natural history
  • shipwreck history and a registry of 160 notable wrecks
  • photography tips and techniques
  • 6 easy-to-read maps



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