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The Catamount Shipwreck  New York and Jersey's (Wreck Valley)

Historical and current New York and New Jersey Shipwreck Information and images for scuba divers and fisherman.
The wreck of the Catamount is in reality an unidentified shipwreck. Records do indicate that a vessel named Catamount was sunk in the area during WWII but it is highly doubtful that this is the wreck divers explore today. The wreck known as Catamount sits in 130 feet of water and appears to be a prohibition era rum runner. Divers can still find the remains of her illegal boot leg cargo by digging through her remains. The wrecks engine provide the highest relief. Best digging is off the wrecks port side.








Capt Fran Persico with a bottle recovered from the Catamount shipwreck. Photo by Dan Berg

Capt John Lachenmeyer and Capt. Dan Berg with bottles recovered from the Catamount shipwreck.

Photo above: Capt. Steve Nagelwitz with bottles from the Catamount Shipwreck. Photo by Dan Berg


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