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The Florida East Coast Shipwreck Expo Capt. Dan Berg's Guide to Shipwrecks information

Historical and current Florida East Coast Shipwreck Information and images for scuba divers and fisherman.

Click on area name on chart for complete history of popular shipwreck in each area. We invite divers to e-mail additional information, photographs and images.
Florida East Coast Shipwrecks
Capt. Dan Berg's Guide to Shipwrecks off the East Coast of Florida. Below you will find links to individual shipwreck pages, or links to shipwrecks by area.

Shipwreck GPS Location Coordinates


Florida Shipwreck Chart Art by Capt. Dan Berg

Florida Shipwrecks ebook
The Divers Guide to Shipwrecks around the State of Florida and the Florida Keys,

Buy Now only $9.95

By Dan and Denise Berg, 180 pages. Shipwrecks are an important complement to the natural coral reefs as a sport diving attraction in Florida. From the barley discernable ballast piles of the 1733 fleet to the almost perfectly intact modern ships sunk specifically as artificial reefs throughout the state, shipwrecks inspire an aura of mystery and fascination. Florida Shipwrecks is the moat comprehensive, accurate, illustrated collection of information, photographs, sketches and stories ever written about the shipwrecks around the state of Florida. This book contains a wealth of enlightening information that gives the readers a nostalgic glimpse into the history and present condition of over 235 shipwrecks. Florida Shipwrecks includes over 240 illustrations comprised of 151 color photos, 83 black and white historical images, 8 dynamic u/w sketches. Divers , snorkelers, marine historians, armchair sailors or anyone with a general interest in history diving or the sea will surely find this book fascinating, as well as indispensable.


Adamelia Wreck
Alicia Wreck
Arakanapka Wreck
Almirante Wreck
Andro Wreck
Amazone Wreck

Anna Wreck
 Arida Wreck
Alpha Wreck
Amaryllis Wreck
Ancient Mariner Wreck
Berry Patch Wreck
Belcher Wreck
 Belzona Wrecks
Beconshire Wreck
 Billy's Barge Wreck
Budweiser Bar Wreck
 Biscayne Wreck Miami
 Blue Fire Wreck Miami
Berry Patch Wreck
Bill Boyd Wreck
Cruz Del Sur Wreck
Copenhagen Wreck
 Captain Dick's
C-One Wreck
Crane Wreck
C-54 Airplane Wreck
Caicos Express Wreck
Captain Dan Wreck
Corey N Chris Wreck
Casa Blanca Wreck
 Coppedge Wreck
Corsair Wreck
Classic Barge Wrecks
City of Vera Cruz Wreck

Damocles Wreck
David T Wreck
Draga De Arena Wreck
 Drydock Wreck
Delray Wreck
 Doc De Milly Wreck
 Deep Freeze Wreck
  El Capitana Wreck
Erl King Wreck
Esjoo Wreck
Esso Bonaire Wreck
Freighter Wreck
 Gulf America Wreck
Gulfland Wreck
 Hudgins Wreck
Hydro Atlantic Wreck
Halsey Wreck
Hopper Barge Wreck
Half Moon Wreck
Hog Heaven Wreck
Houseboat Wreck
Jay Dorman Wreck
Jay Scutti Wreck
Jim Atria Wreck

 Lugana Wreck
La Concepcion Wreck
 Lady Free Wreck
 Lakeland Wreck
USS Lauderdale Wreck
Lewis Marine Wreck
Laertes Wreck
Leslie Wreck

Mindanao Wreck
Mandalay Wreck
Miller Lite Wreck
Miracle Express
Mizpah Wreck
USS Muliphen Wreck
Miss Jenny Wreck
Miss Karlene
Mazon Wreck
Mercedes I Wreck
Monomy Wreck
Mystic Isle

Narwal Wreck
Noula Express Wreck

Orion Wreck
Owens Wreck
Ocean Venus
Old Schooner Wreck
  PC II Wreck
Patricia Wreck
Proteus Wreck
Papa's Wreck
Paddle Wheeler Wreck

Percy Payne Wreck
Pride Wreck
Paul Main's Wreck
Pimellis Wreck
Pioneer One Wreck
 Phantom Jet Wreck
Qualmann Tug Wrecks
Rebel Wreck
USS Rankin Wreck
Rolls Royce Wreck
Renegade Wreck
Robert Edminster Wreck
Rodeo 25 Wreck
Ronald B Johnson Wreck
Republic Wreck
Rachel Wreck
Rio Miami Wreck
Rossmerry Wreck
Santa Rita Wreck
Shamrock Wreck
Sir Scott Wreck
Star Trek Wreck
Steanne D'Auray Wreck
Sara Jane Wreck

Sheri Lyn Wreck
Spearmans Barge Wreck
South Seas Wreck
Tarpoon Wreck
TE Amo Wreck
Tenneco Towers Wreck
TB-M Bombers Wreck
Twelve Mile Wreck

Tracor Drydock Wreck
Trio Bravo Wreck

Ultra freeze Wreck
Valentine Wreck


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Shipwrecks of St Lucie   Shipwrecks of Panama City   Shipwrecks of Jupiter   Shipwrecks of Jupiter Inlet  


Instant Downloadable E-Book 

The Divers Guide to Shipwrecks around the State of Florida and the Florida Keys. Includes over 240 illustrations comprised of 151 color photos, 83 black and white historical images, 8 dynamic u/w sketches.

Basic shipwreck information and images for this section of this site was taken with permission from the book Florida Shipwrecks by Daniel Berg. You are invited to submit your shipwreck related articles, images and information. As long as the text, photographs, sketches etc are of professional quality we will showcase them. Full credit will be provide and a same page link to your web site can be arranged.

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