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The Florida West Coast Shipwreck Expo Capt. Dan Berg's Guide to Shipwrecks information
Historical and current Florida West Coast Shipwreck Information and images for scuba divers and fisherman.

Click on area name on chart for complete history of popular Florida West Coast shipwrecks in each area. We invite divers to e-mail additional information, photographs and images.
Florida Gulf Coast Shipwrecks
Capt. Dan Berg's Guide to Shipwrecks off the West Coast of Florida. Below you will find links to individual shipwreck pages, and links to shipwrecks by area.

Shipwreck Gulf Coast GPS Location Coordinates


Florida Shipwreck Chart Art by Capt. Dan Berg


  Panama City

Benjamin Grierson Wreck
Chickasaw Wreck
USS Chippewa
Commander Wreck
Elvira Wreck
Empire Mica Wreck
Grey Ghost Wreck
Kaiser Wreck
Leroy Wreck
Life Boats Wreck
Long Beach Barge
PCMI Barge Wreck
Simpson Wreck
Spanish Shanty Barge
USS Strength Wreck
T 33 Airplane Wreck
Tarpon Wreck
Thelma Wreck
Thomas Hayward Wreck
Vamar Wreck

  Port St Joe

Birmingham Queen Wreck
Captain Jims Wreck
Captain Kato

  Ft Myers

Boca Grande Wreck
Minesweeper Wreck



  Boca Grande

Dock Wreck
Kathy II Wreck


  New Port Richey

Tugboat and Barge Wreck


Sugar Barge Wreck


Air Transport Wreck
Brass Wreck
Catherine Wreck
Coal Barges
Deliverance Wreck
Joseph E Brown
Joseph L Meek Wreck
USS Massachusetts Wreck
Rohoda Wreck
San Pablo Wreck
Sport Wreck
Sylvia Wreck
Tessie Wreck

  St Petersburg

Docs Barge Wreck


Clearwater Wreck
Hellcat Wreck
Sheridan Wreck


Dolphin Wreck
Gilmer Dredge


Crane Barge Wreck


USCG Blackthorn Wreck
Gunsmoke Wreck
Mexican Pride Wreck
South Jack Wreck

  Troy Springs

Madison Wreck

Florida Shipwrecks ebook
The Divers Guide to Shipwrecks around the State of Florida and the Florida Keys,

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By Dan and Denise Berg, 180 pages. Shipwrecks are an important complement to the natural coral reefs as a sport diving attraction in Florida. From the barley discernable ballast piles of the 1733 fleet to the almost perfectly intact modern ships sunk specifically as artificial reefs throughout the state, shipwrecks inspire an aura of mystery and fascination. Florida Shipwrecks is the moat comprehensive, accurate, illustrated collection of information, photographs, sketches and stories ever written about the shipwrecks around the state of Florida. This book contains a wealth of enlightening information that gives the readers a nostalgic glimpse into the history and present condition of over 235 shipwrecks. Florida Shipwrecks includes over 240 illustrations comprised of 151 color photos, 83 black and white historical images, 8 dynamic u/w sketches. Divers , snorkelers, marine historians, armchair sailors or anyone with a general interest in history diving or the sea will surely find this book fascinating, as well as indispensable.


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