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The Happy Days Shipwreck  New York's Wreck Valley

Historical and current New Yorks Shipwreck Information and images for scuba divers and fisherman.
Shipwreck Happy Days

The Happy Days appears to be the remains of a wooden schooner. The Happy Days sits in 112 feet of water just east of the G&D wreck. and only a couple miles from the 3 Fairs and 59 Pounder wrecks. According to Jimmy Fazzolare this wreck consists of scattered wreckage with one mast stump sticking up. Divers will find the wreck the wreck to lie in a straight line with port and starboard side ribs creating many homes for lobsters. Divers will also find her box keel. Jim reports that the wrecks bell was recovered by one of the Aquarians Club divers.  Unfortunately, the bell did not have the wrecks name on it. Visibility, here is often hampered by sediment from a silty bottom. Jim reports that this wreck is one of the best lobster wrecks in the area.   Her bow section has the highest relief with chain pile and winch being easily recognizable by divers. An old fishing net leads divers from her main wreckage to her bow section. The wrecks bow section is basically a pile of anchor chain and some assorted machinery. since the bow is often overlooked its usually and excellent destination for lobster hunters.

In July of 2008 we Capt Ed Slater recovered a wood block and tackle from the wreck

Customers and crew from the Wreck Valley after a productive lobster dive to the Happy Days shipwreck. 5/28/2011

Jimmy Fazalorie and Randi with Lobnsters from the Happy Days shipwreck.

The Schiners with a nice lobster. The Happy Days is an excellent lobster dive. Photo by Dan Berg







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