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The Harveys Schooner Shipwreck  New York's Wreck Valley
Historical and current New Yorks Shipwreck Information and images for scuba divers and fisherman.


The Harvey's Woody is an unidentified wooden schooner that sits in 120 feet of water about 24 miles out of Jones Inlet NY.  According to diver Jim Fazzolare divers can find not only low lying ribs but a large pile of anchor chain, a large fluted anchor and winch. This wreck is excellent for lobsters.

A few years back we decided to salvage the anchor from Harvey's schooner. We hooked up 6000 pounds of lift and the anchor did not budge. We returned with a water dredge and started to vacuum sand away from the bottom flute. About four feet down we found the anchor's bottom flute not only hooked under but also conglomerated into a mass of iron wreckage. It would have taken quite a bit of work to blast the anchor free. We ended up moving over to the Pilot Boat wreck and recovered a similar size anchor with a lot less work.


Jimmy Fazalorie with lobsters from Harveys Schooner shipwreck.

Brass spikes from the Harveys wreck. Photo by Dan Berg

Capt. Dan Berg with lobsters, spikes and side scan sonar towfish.

Side scan sonar image of the Harveys Schooner Shipwreck. Courtesy Dan Berg Wreck Valley Collection






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