The Oceanic Scuba Computer Guide  

Find a complete directory of Oceanic scuba decompression computers and associated scuba equipment.
  Although small in size, the new ATOM is a PDC of epic proportions. Who would have thought you could wear a full-function wireless air integrated PDC on your wrist? Oceanic did. Don't be deceived by its small size -- this small format PDC powerhouse delivers all the bells and whistles you can imagine at the touch of a button.
Wireless Air Integrated Technology
Switch between 3 independent transmitters, with up to 3 nitrox mixes
Advanced watch functions including alternate time zone, stopwatch, lap timer, daily alarm, and countdown timer
Alpha-numeric display
Adjustable safety stop time and depth
History Mode
OceanLog® PC Download and Settings Upload Software and USB Cable included.
  Oceanic Worldwide, manufacturer of cutting-edge SCUBA equipment and technology, announces that its HUD (Heads-Up Display) Mask has received the annual "Best of What's New" award in the Recreation category from Popular Science magazine. Popular Science editors reviewed thousands of new products and innovations and chose just 100 winners in 10 categories for inclusion in the December "Best of What's New" issue. To win, a product or technology must represent a significant step forward in its category.
  This classic PDC features the largest display available and our patented Air Time Remaining calculations built right in. The Pro Plus 2 is "air-integrated", constantly monitoring your cylinder pressure and comparing it with your personal air consumption rate and decompression status to deliver your personal Dive Time Remaining based on the most limiting factor.
Patented Air Time Remaining algorithm provides extremely accurate time based on current depth and your personal air consumption
"Turn-Around" pressure prompt
"Ending" pressure alarm ensures that you return to your exit point with a predetermined reserve
Safety stop prompt
Simulator incorporates your personal air consumption rate
Now with OceanLog Software included with Settings Upload. Optional USB Cable sold separately
  The VEO 100 coordinates carefully arranged information with the simplicity of our trademark green, yellow and red Graphic Diver Interface for a quick visual reference. Monitoring your dive becomes incredibly simple - a quick glance to see if your "in the green" - and it's all systems go.
Easy to learn and use
"Hockey Puck" module is the same size as most depth gauges for easy and inexpensive console upgrades
Water activation
Diver-replaceable battery with Hot Swap memory allows battery change between dives
Safety stop prompt
12 dive log book
  Over a decade ago, we were asked to develop a special diving computer for NASA’s underwater test facility. From that project, the world’s first air integrated wireless dive computer evolved. More recently, the U.S. Navy turned to Oceanic's Wireless Personal Dive Computer technology to power a new Heads Up Mask. For now, if you want to dive the Heads Up display technology, you'll have to join the Navy. Want to dive the latest wireless technology? Dive the new VT Pro.
Wireless Air Integrated Technology
Patented Air Time Remaining Algorithm
Audible Alarms with User Acknowledgment
SmartGlo® Backlighting
Optional OceanLog® PC Interface with Settings Upload
Air, Nitrox and Gauge Modes
Advanced User Settings and Options
Use With or Without Wireless Transmitter
Diver-Replaceable Batteries


Hit Counter


Scuba Equipment 

Deco Computer
Dive knife
Dive Lights
Dive reels
Double Bands 
Dry Gloves
Jon Line Clip,
Log Books 
Pony Bracket
Bracket #2
Scuba watch
Wet suits
Dry suit
Spear guns 
Speedy Stage 
Nitrox Diving
Lift Bags
U/W cutting
Training Agencies
Equip Manufacturers



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