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The main reason to go scuba diving is to see what's under the water. This makes a diver's mask selection very important. To tell if a mask fits properly, hold the mask up to your face and inhale lightly. If the mask sticks to your face, then it fits correctly. If it doesn't, air is leaking and preventing the seal.
Any dive mask you buy should be made of shatterproof glass.
Masks are referred to as high volume or low volume, indicating the amount air space inside the mask. Masks with side ports increase your field of vision, and are usually high volume. Low volume are easier to clear and can offer a better field of vision.
Some masks have a purge valve. This device allows you to clear water out of the mask by simply looking down and blowing out your nose.

Scuba masks are designed so you can pinch your nose with one hand. This way you can equalize your ears as you descend.  Another consideration when picking a scuba mask is whether the mask is made of rubber or silicone. Basically rubber costs a little less than silicone, but will not last as long.


  Oceanic Heads Up Display Mask

Oceanic Heads Up Display Scuba Mask (HUD)
San Leandro, CA - Oceanic Worldwide, manufacturer of cutting-edge SCUBA equipment and technology, announces that its HUD (Heads-Up Display) Mask has received the annual "Best of What's New" award in the Recreation category from Popular Science magazine. Popular Science editors reviewed thousands of new products and innovations and chose just 100 winners in 10 categories for inclusion in the December "Best of What's New" issue. To win, a product or technology must represent a significant step forward in its category.

  OMS Masks
Fit and field of view are the most important considerations when selecting a mask. The OMS ICU  line of masks have been designed to fit most faces and fit them superbly. You will find that if you tilt your head back and place any of the OMS ICU  masks on your face, that the weight of the mask, when you gently inhale through your nose, will allow an even seal. After you try your mask on determine your field of view by locating objects from the peripheral areas of the mask. You will find that the ICU  masks are superbly engineered to provide the necessary field of view to read your gauges, and locate essential equipment.
  Mares Masks
Innovative technical solutions. Greater field of vision that was never before thought possible. Optimally angled windows are designed to mesh perfectly with the central position of the eyes to provide the widest possible viewing angle in every direction.
  Scubapro Masks
New two-lens SCUBAPRO mask with universal fit.
New drop-shaped lens provides an exceptional downward vision.
Low volume styling for a snug fit, and ease of clearing.
Available with clear skirt providing a light, open feeling.
  Apollo Masks
Whether diving or snorkeling, your mask is one of the most important pieces of equipment you own. Apollo masks include our soft surgical grade silicone skirt. The skirt is designed to collapse accordion style, creating a better seal and eliminating stress points on delicate facial skin. Integrated drainage channels in the skirt allow hands-free clearing by simply looking up and exhailing through your nose. All our masks are designed to provide the optimum in comfort and field of vision
  Zeagle Mask
Zeagle Systems special design work with public safety, research, and military customers in the past few years, has been applied to civilian use, in the creation of the extremely innovative RAPID-DIVER

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