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 The Beth De Bob Shipwreck  New York and New Jersey's Wreck Valley

 Historical and current New York and New Jersey Shipwreck Information and images for scuba divers and fisherman.

  The Beth Dee Bob sits upright on a hard sandy bottom with a slight list to starboard facing west toward shore. She is completely intact, from the mast tops to the propeller - for now, anyway. The vessel is much like a bigger, cleaner version of the Lana Carol. The wheelhouse is easily penetrated, although the rest of the interior is more difficult. The aft hold is still full of clam cages, while the hold covers are torn off and lie in the sand off the stern.

The exact cause and details of the sinking are not known, but it must have occurred very quickly, and none of the four man crew managed to escape. The wreck was originally reported in the news at a depth of 140' and a different location, as was the Adriatic, which sank the same month. This was either sloppy reporting, or a deliberate attempt to ward off the curious. Remember penetration into any shipwreck should only be done by those with proper training, experience and wreck diving equipment.






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