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The South Carolina Shipwreck Expo Directory Capt. Dan Berg's Guide to Shipwrecks information

Historical and current South Carolina Shipwreck Information and images for scuba divers and fisherman.
  How to SHIPWRECK DIVING Guide By Capt Dan Berg
South Carolina, Georgia Shipwreck GPS and Loran Locations

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Downloadable Shipwreck Location GPS and Loran Coordinate List for South Carolina and Gerogia. You can download the file and then print the list from your own computer. Please note that while many of the numbers on this list are confirmed many are not. The list was complied from numbers sent in by local fishermen and divers and compiled into this printable PDF. We invite you to use the list and ask only that you e-mail any additions or corrections so we can update future additions.

Other GPS/Loran lists available
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South Carolina Shipwrecks and Cool Dive Sites South Carolina has an outstanding selection of shipwrecks, including Civil War wrecks, World War II wrecks, natural reefs and artificial reefs


  South Carolina Shipwreck Books


ISBN 1-883056-12-8, softcover with color covers, 6 x 9 vertical, 216 pages 48 color photos, 51 black & white photos, 2 site plans. Over 400 GPS and loran numbers included $20.00



SC Code of Laws Title 54 Chapter 7 Shipwrecks And Salvage  If any ship, vessel, goods or effects shall be stranded or cast on shore and no person appears to claim the goods which shall be so saved, the local magistrate shall take them into his custody or possession and, as soon as may be, give notice and a schedule in writing of the different articles to the county treasurer, keeping a copy thereof, and deliver safely all such goods and effects to such treasurer or his order who shall be responsible for them and who shall give public notice thereof in a newspaper of general circulation in the county for at least sixty days, if no claim should be made

Shipwreck Law

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