The Apollo Scuba Regulator and Equipment Guide

Find a complete directory of Apollo scuba regulators and related scuba equipment.
  Apollo's regulator series has been completely re-designed to increase performance, reduce weight, and lower annual service cost. High tensile aluminum housings are used to streamline design and reduce weight. Internal changes will significantly lower the cost of annual service. Our stainless steel mesh filter can now be cleaned rather than replaced annually. The new bucket shape replaces a typical flat filter for optimum airflow. The new long-wearing polyurethane seat is exclusive to Apollo and has a 3-year warranty! Also exclusive to Apollo is a revolutionary new Hydro-carbon plating used on all 1st and 2nd stage metal parts to repel water and debris virtually eliminating corrosion and bacterial formation.
    First Stage Details
Manufactured from high tensile aluminum
to streamline design and reduce weight
Weighs 14.8 oz / 1.3 lbs with 2nd stage attached
Balanced diaphragm design and bucket filter for consistent air flow
Bucket filter constructed of stainless steel mesh can be cleaned rather than replaced annually
HP Seat constructed of new long-wearing polyurethane - 3 year warranty
Ports: one moisture housing port, one HP port and three LP ports
Built-in clean air system (Bio-Filter) provides an inline activated charcoal filter and moisture replenishing wick exclusive to Apollo
New one-way valve for easy refill between dives
Moisture wick can be used with nitrox up to EAN level 40*
Includes one wick and two charcoal filters
Minimizes risk of decompression sickness
Reduced level of fatigue from dehydration
Lower incidence of post-dive headaches
Easier pressure equalization
Increased bottom time
No more cottonmouth
Schematics for the A-110 [156k pdf]
Includes Bio 2nd stage *charcoal filter should be removed for use with nitrox
    Second Stage Details
The Bio 2nd stage is lightweight and features a built-in swivel for comfort and reduced jaw fatigue.

Internal venturi assist system for easy consistent breathing
Metal parts, including swivel, utilize new hydro-carbon material
Anti-bacterial mouthpiece and casing
Interchangeable exhaust tee
Apollo Scuba Equipment

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