"Wreck Valley" Shipwreck Artifact Photos


    What is it?? diver Tom Sweezy from NJ sent in this photo. Item was recovered in Manasquan Inlet. It breaks into three compartments and has the writing "J.W. Forestal April 1876" on the bottom.



    Divers from NJ recover the anchor from the Stolt Dagail shipwreck. Check out article for details.



    Russ recovered this little medicine bottle from the Asfalto Wreck 6/09



    Bill Blyer recovered this Cunard cup from the Oregon wreck 5/09


    Shipwreck artifacts Iberia bottle and deck prism
    Rob Urban and Ed Slater with artifacts from the Iberia Shipwreck 2-17-08


    china dish recovered Oregon shipwreck
    Capt. Dan Berg with a china dish recovered from the HMS Oregon Shipwreck


    china and artifacts from the Oregon shipwreck
    China, bottles and a crystal decanter from the Oregon Shipwreck.


huge lobster   Jimmy Fazzalorie
and Randi Eisen after a lobster dive. Jim has always been out lobster tonnage King but I think Randi out did him this day.


Capt. Ed Slater recovered this small plane while digging on the Oregon.  


deadeye recovered from Cornelia Soule shipwreck   This three hole dead eye was recovered from the Cornelia Soule shipwreck after a winter storm.


Brass hatch recovered from the Black Warrior Shipwreck by Capt. Ed Slater.   brass hatch recovered from the Black warrior shipwreck


bottles recovered from Oregon shipwreck    
Jimmy Faz and Capt Dan with bottles recovered after digging with a water jet on the Oregon shipwreck.    


Capt. Ed hold two round bottom blob top bottles. Capt. Dan recovered this beautiful ornate vase and fireplace shovel. Oregon shipwreck.    


water jet shipwreck artifacts    
Capt Dan, Jimmy Faz and Capt Ed slater with bottles recovered after digging with a water jet on the Oregon shipwreck.    


bottle recovered from Oregon shipwreck   Close up image of one of the many different style Oregon shipwreck bottles.


  Recovered from the Oregon by Ed Slater


Brass button recovered from the Oregon.  


Brass porthole recovered from the Oregon Shipwreck.   porthole recovered from oregon shipwreck


  Capt. Dan's ornate vase from the Oregon Shipwreck.


    shipwreck artifacts
    Every once in a while you just get lucky. Capt. Dan and Jimmy Fazalorie display artifacts from one productive dive to the Oregon shipwreck.


  Mike McMeekin and Rick Schwartz with deck prism and single hole dead eye recovered from the Black Warrior shipwreck


Ed Slater and Dan Berg
recovered this porthole from the Oregon Shipwreck


  Capt. Dan with brass cloak clasps recovered from the stern of the Oregon


  Small china statue recovered by Capt. Dan from the Oregon Shipwreck


  Capt. Ed and Dan Berg with rudder gudgeon recovered from the Lost Wreck


Dead Eyes recovered from the Hankins Shipwreck in NJ.  


  Ornate brass buttons recovered from the Oregon Shipwreck


Capt. Mark with a china statue recovered from the Bald Eagle Shipwreck.  


Clock recovered from the Tarantula Shipwreck.    


  Capt. Ed's dead eye from the South Wreck


Capt. Dan recovered this gold ring from the Black Warrior shipwreck.  


  Capt. Ed recovered this intact bottle from the Iberia shipwreck


  Phil Senk and Dan Berg with dead eyes recovered from the Cornelia Soule Shipwreck.


Anchor recovered from the Pilot Boat shipwreck.  


  Portholes recovered from unidentified shipwreck.


Fred Belise with gauge from the Tarantula Shipwreck  


  Bottles recovered from the prohibition rum runner Lizzie D


    Helm recovered from the USS Algol Shipwreck by Dan Berg and Hank Garvin


Dan Berg and Mike McMeekin with dead eye and brass pump recovered from the Arnoff Shipwreck.  


  Propeller salvaged from the Bronx Queen shipwreck.


Lobsters caught on the Steel Wreck  


  Propeller recovered from the Valerie E shipwreck


  Mike McMeekin with a silver fork from the Black Warrior Shipwreck


Porthole recovered from the San Diego shipwreck before the site was protected.  


  Brass Steam Whistle recovered from the Kenosha Shipwreck


  Steve Bielenda with anchor recovered from the Black warrior shipwreck.


  Porthole and five pound lobster from the USS San Diego shipwreck. Recovered before the site was protected.


  Capt. Hank Garvin (from the RV Garloo charter boat). Intact and full round bottom bottle from the Emerald Shipwreck.


Capt. John Lachenmayer with two bottles recovered from the Inshore Schooner Shipwreck.    


  Mike McMeekin, Dan Berg and Capt. Steve Bielenda with a dead eye and lobsters from the Linda Shipwreck.


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Wreck Valley Charter Dive Boat 

Wreck Valley Shipwreck Artifact Photo Album
    silverware fork from the Black warrior shipwreck    


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