THROGS NECK JETTY New York Beach Diving Guide for scuba divers.
The complete scuba divers beach diving guide to Long Island, NY's shipwrecks, jetties and inlets complete with driving directions.


DIRECTIONS:                                (Whitestone,Queens County)

Take the Cross Island Parkway north to Bell Boulevard. At the end of the exit ramp make a right onto Fort Totten Avenue. Drive about a hundred yards; a dirt parking lot will be on your left just before the entrance to Fort Totten.


The Throgs Neck Jetty is located between the Throgs Neck Bridge and Fort Totten. This dive site, which is definitely not one of the most popular on the island, should only be done during an incoming or high tide. Visibility at low tide is usually only a few inches, but the intelligent diver will find ten feet or more to be the norm at high slack. The bottom conditions as you swim offshore range from hard sand to mud to soft silt. Diving is best on the east side of the jetty. Debris, such as car tires, shopping carts, and beer cans, are seen on both sides. They are an unfortunate reminder of how man ruins the environment.

Back in 1979, Kevin Travell and I were the first sport divers to explore this area. We recovered all sorts of interesting artifacts. At first, old bottles were the main prize, but soon after I found a beautifully preserved World War II rifle. During later dives, pistols, a dagger and all types of ammunition have been brought up. Today, divers who look hard enough can still find bullets scattered in the sand a few feet from the jetty.

Aside from the artifacts, I have always been thrilled by the spectacular midnight view of the Throgs Neck Bridge, as it can only be seen from water level in the middle of Little Bay.

For hunting marine life like lobster and black fish, I would not recommend this site. Being so close to the city, I question the cleanliness of the water.

Diving instructors sometimes use this site for open water training. It offers the instructor and students close parking for many cars, a protected cove, water depth up to 25 feet and, if planned right, decent visibility.

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