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Tropical Shipwrecks contains a wealth if information such as; aquatic life, currents, bottom composition, depth, visibility and the history and present condition of 135 shipwrecks spread over 35 tropical islands. This downloadable ebook includes 127 illustrations comprised of color photos, Black and white historical images, maps, and drawings which combined with an informative text paint a complete picture of each wreck site. Many of these rare photos have never before been published. Divers, snorkelers, marine historians, armchair sailor or anyone with a general interest in history, diving or the sea will surely find this book fascinating and the perfect addition to their library.

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Where is Belize? in South America? That is the question most people ask when first hearing about Belize. Contrary to what some people think, Belize is not in South America, nor Africa. It is, however, situated in the heart of Central America. Most people don't know that this Caribbean wonder is just a hop, skip and a jump from the U.S. Right under Mexico, next to Guatemala, welcoming the waves of the Western Caribbean Sea.

Anonymity is part of Belize's charm. It has always been there but nobody noticed it. For the most part, only a small portion of the world's tourist population have been to Belize; that has kept Belize's Maya ruins, pristine rain forest and especially the Belize Barrier Reef "unspoiled" for all to enjoy

This site is designed to provide as complete a resource for planning your next dive vacation to Belize as possible. If you are a dive operator, accommodation which caters to divers, or provide any kind of dive service and wish to be listed on this site, please contact us

    Belize Tourism Board
An adventurer's paradise, Belize is your peaceful, English-speaking neighbor only two hours away from 3 major U.S. Gateways. With a diversity of adventure opportunities unmatched by any other country, the Belize people have protected 40% of the country as parks and natural reserves.
Belize is on the Caribbean coast, nestled between Mexico and Guatemala and offers an intriguing mix of tropical forests rich with wildlife, majestic 3,675 foot mountains, mysterious Maya temples, and diving and fishing experiences beyond compare. In a single day you can go from tropical forest to the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere.
"...Belize is one of the western Caribbean's premiere dive destinations..." - Skin Diver magazine
This statement could be amended to say premiere diving destination in the world. Indeed, Belize's barrier reef has been named one of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the World.
Water visibility commonly reaches 100+ feet; water temperature hovers around 80 degrees Fahrenheit; and the barrier reef makes for calm water most of the year.
SCUBA divers have three major options when deciding how to experience the underwater world of Belize.
Make reservations with one of the offshore resorts
Sign on with one of the many liveaboard boats
Hire a charter boat from one of the many dive resorts along the coast
    With the second longest barrier reef in the world and famous dives like the "Great Blue Hole," Belize is an increasingly popular dive destination. This book covers in detail 100 of the best dive sites on the barrier reef and three atoll reefs offshore. Also included is Banco Chinchorro, an atoll reef just to the north in Mexican waters. Belize hosts an incredible variety of corals and fishes, and is known for manta and spotted eagle rays, and whale sharks. Also covers topside attractions such as exotic rain forests and Mayan ruins.
    Honduras and Belize book
Both experienced divers and beginners will delight in this colorful guide to the underwater paradise of Honduras and Belize, one of the few books to offer in-depth coverage of this remarkable corner of the Caribbean Sea. With over 400 nautical miles of sea and 800 miles of coastline, the neighboring countries of Honduras and Belize are linked by the second largest coral reef in the world. The reef has reached an extraordinary level of development, and the thousands of cays supply divers with sensational encounters and lively sea floors. This guide, complete with practical information, spectacular images, and full color three-dimensional maps, supplies divers with all they need to make the most of their trip.

Whether a diver likes exploring sunken shipwrecks or colorful thick coral masses, swimming with dolphins or sharks, or admiring unusual fish and plants, this guidebook has tours for all tastes, and covers 32 of the most exciting dive sites. Easy-to-follow maps and descriptions of each site guide the diver in discovering its treasures, while information on what to see at certain times of the day or night helps with the overall planning of tours. Beautifully illustrated cognitive species cards of 106 fish and plants round out this thoroughly engaging guidebook.

About the Author
Roberto Rinaldi, born in 1963, spent years taking fascinating journeys around the world with the legendary Calypso. He has enjoyed a successful career as a freelance journalist working for numerous Italian, French, German, and Japanese magazines, as well as for National Geographic. He has collaborated either as a co-author or photographer on many books about the sea.

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