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SEA&SEA was established in 1972 with the development of the Yellow Sub32, the world's first mass-produced submersible strobe. It was a breakthrough invention, sire to SEA&SEA's celebrated series of Yellow Sub strobes. In 1980 we introduced the PocketMarine 110 Camera, the world's first motor-driven underwater camera and the forerunner of our groundbreaking amphibious camera series. With each decade our line of innovative underwater imaging equipment expanded, to include lenses, housings, and a myriad of accessories. Today SEA&SEA is a global corporation, commemorating a tradition of engineering professional-performance underwater imaging systems.

The new century has brought rapid advances in technology. The world we live in has changed and keeps changing. And so, too, the needs of the consumer have changed and keep changing. No longer is underwater imaging equipment exclusive to a small number of divers; it has become the one accessory that dramatically enhances the joy of diving and the appreciation of the undersea realm.

But today's diver is challenged by a host of choices. Film cameras. Digital cameras. Video camcorders. Self-contained amphibious systems. Housed systems. The market is rich with diverse choices for capturing images. SEA&SEA's mission is to design and manufacture imaging equipment for divers with such diverse preferences.

SEA&SEA has won market leadership through experience and expertise, steadfast product integrity, and exceptional value. Our youthful dreams have surely been fulfilled. Looking toward the future, we at SEA&SEA are dedicated to responding to the demands of divers. Our challenge is to keep pace with advancing technology and continue to manufacture a comprehensive line of equipment that is easy and safe to use and will enable you to create beautiful images.
In three decades SEA&SEA has become the world's foremost producer of underwater imaging equipment. But we want to accomplish more. We want to manufacture equipment that will provide years of pleasure and satisfaction, no matter what your skills or the type of imaging you choose to do. We want our equipment to not only be the world's favorite but the world's best.

We would be happy to have you become a satisfied SEA&SEA customer!

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