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COZUMEL                                                    MEXICO


The Airplane wreck was a 40 passenger, twin engined, short-range Convair airliner. The craft, which was built by the Convair Division of the General Dynamics Corporation, was deliberately sunk in June of 1977 as a movie prop for the Mexican movie Survive.

The Plane wreck is now a tourist attraction, that is if the tourists are divers. She is lying upside down in 40 feet of water, only 100 yards out from the La Ceiba Hotel. This wreck is an easy beach dive and has remained remarkably intact. Divers can enter a small area through an open door just aft of her cockpit or swim under either of her wings where small schools of tropical fish can usually be found. Her hull is cleaned daily by parrot fish who leave deep teeth marks in her fuselage. Wide angle photography is best here, and you can  easily capture the entire wreck on one photo.


The Del Mar Wreck is the remains of a small, wood hulled fishing boat approximately 30 feet long. The wreck is located directly in front of Del Mar Aquatics and rests in 30 to40 feet of water on a sand bottom.
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Scuba Club Cozumel

Located on the waterfront one mile south of the downtown ferry dock, an attractive multi-level building of Spanish-Colonial architecture blends in with the waterfront. Scuba-Cozumel is the in-house dive operation for Scuba Club Cozumel resort. This PADI 5-Star facility and full service dive center is located inside the hotel premises and includes an air filling station consisting of four compressors and a four-stage filtering system, a full line of rental gear and basic repairs shop, as well as an International Training Center offering specialty courses and certification at all levels. All diving activities and dive trips are coordinated and scheduled here.



Fundacion de Parques y Museos de Cozumel

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Casa Mexicana Cozumel

Blue Angel Dive Shop  Cozumel




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