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A tether line reel is used not only for penetration but as an emergency up line, for search and recovery, underwater mapping, or in the case of limited visibility, it can serve as a guide to and from the dive boat's anchor. Some divers choose to tie knots in the line every ten feet. By counting the knots as the line is let out, the diver can tell how far he is from the anchor or how deep into a wreck he has ventured. Tether line reels can be home made, converted from construction reels or store bought. Dive Rite Inc., a Florida based cave diving equipment company, offers a complete line of reels. These wreck reels are available with stainless steel construction and contain all of the desired design features such as sufficient line capacity, lock down screw, and contoured winding knob. A reel should always have an adequate supply of line for the depth of water you're diving in. For example, if you're diving in 100 feet of water, your reel should contain no less than 200 feet of line. This is because of the presence of any current when and if the reel is used as an up line.  Tether line wreck reels normally use a 1/8 white braided nylon line. This line is rated at 1000 pounds. Nylon is preferred because it is strong and somewhat abrasion resistant, highly visible and sinks. If a floating line were used, it would have the tendency to get tangled in the diver's feet as it was unreeled, and it would not stay where it was laid out. Tether line reels should never be clipped off and allowed to play out unattended. The reel should be held with one finger firmly on the spool so that the spool turns only when there is tension on the line. When reeling in the line, reel just fast enough to maintain a constant tension on the line. When winding in the line,  make sure the line feeds evenly across the spool face to prevent jamming. Remember just having a reel is not a substitute for proper training in wreck penetration.
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Dive Rite makes a variety of reels for wreck and cave diving applications. Divers typically use the Primary Reel as their main navigation reel; it has many other potential uses as well. Available with optional drag feature and either
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The ergonomically designed winding knob prevents hand fatigue and the flat profile lock down nut assembly


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