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Wreck Valley Charter Boat's 2008 Weekly Dive Conditions Report
Capt. Dan Berg's local New York and New Jersey Scuba conditions Report.




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February 22, 2009

  This circa 1787 copper Deer Head Shield token was found while metal detecting a lake in Eastern Long Island on February 22, 2009.  What makes the token interesting is that after 30 years of diving this token has the same emblem and text "E Pluribus Unum" as another artifact recovered just a few months earlier. What are the odds?


The Wreck Valley ran to the G&D and Tarantula last Sat. Had excellent vis 20-30'. Not much has changed on the G&D. We anchored just forward of the break near her spare propeller. A few lobsters came up. Next we ran over to the Tarantula. This wreck is almost completely buried. All that remains is her engines, and a few small pcs. What a shame! I remember when the Wahoo could put 20 divers on this wreck and everyone would go home with lobsters. Now two divers would be bumping into each other.

On sun Capt. Ed Slater ran to the Oregon. They had a great trip. He reported that not much has been moved around from winter storms.

This Thurs night Capt. Dan as well as other Captains from the EDBA will be presenting a show on Shallow Water Shipwrecks for LIDA at NUMC. Show starts at 8pm. for details

Next wk end we will be heading out with a group from Tiedimans Diving Ctr.


Capt. Ed Slater ran the Wreck Valley to the Tarantula wreck on Sat. They had calm seas and excellent bottom conditions. Divers reported that surface vis was near zero but about 20' off the bottom vis picked up to over 20'. Jimmy Faz was rewarded with a nice birthday present following his first dive of the season. Next wk end (weather permitting) the Wreck Valley will head back offshore.


Sucks to Be Him
We found this guy high up on the marsh outside Freeport's Nautical Mile last wk end. No boater wants to see anyone run aground but its not often that we see someone this much out of the water.

Photo by Capt. Dan Berg



Our friend Nancy recently suffered a broken back after falling from a horse. George has been updating us.
"Nancy is progressing well. She has been disconnected from all her extraneous hoses and paraphernalia and is out of bed much of the day. She hasn't taken any pain meds for a couple of days and reports that she is feeling good. She has also been walking quite a bit and we expect her to be discharged either tomorrow or Monday at the latest to complete her recovery at home. Her Mom is coming in tomorrow to assist toward that end till next weekend. Your continued prayers and well wishes are greatly appreciated.............George"
Nancy please know that the Capt's and crew of the Wreck Valley wish you a pain free and speedy recovery. By the way, I got a big kick out of the Wreck Valley shirt you are modeling.

Capt. Dan



After Noaa Weather predicted 25-30 knot winds we woke up this morning to find only a light breeze and a little bit of fog. Did not hear any other dive boats on the radio. We had flat calm seas and decent vis. We ran to the Iberia wreck. Wanted to do some more digging after Ed recovered his deck prism last month. Nice day was had by all. We ended up staying for two dives. I found a 1800's vintage bottle, and little lobster. Nick dug up some crate ends. Most were in good condition with writing still legible.


On Sun the Wreck Valley ran to the Iberia Wreck. We had to break a little ice in the creek on the way out. Surface conditions were not the best. Unfortunately, forecasted NE wind was no where to be found. Instead we had 15-20 knot wind out of the SW. Seas ranged from 2-4' and increased as the day went on. Underwater vis was only 5' but it was still an excellent day on the ocean. Capt. Ed Slater once again proved his ability to produce artifacts. This time he found an intact deck prism!!. Rob Urban came back aboard with an intact wine bottle. Not a bad start to the 2008 season. Congratulations to Capt. Ed and Rob.







On Sun the Wreck Valley ran its 2nd charter of the year. An open boat charter to the Arnoff Wreck. Forecast was for increasing wind from the NE. Temperature was actually a little mild for this time of the year. We had to break a little surface ice in the creek as we headed out in the morning. Otherwise Mother Nature was good to us. Surface waves ranged from 1-3' . Bottom conditions were absolutely great. The Arnoff Wreck is not know for great visibility. We had almost 30' horizontal vis on the bottom. This was the best bottom conditions I have seen on this wreck in years. It was actually very nice to see the entire wreck from about 20' off the bottom. A large section of the bow has completely collapsed and a large pipe with bollard attached has rolled into the main wreckage from about 30' away. This wreck the unidentified bow section of a large wood schooner. Only a short distance away is the stern section of a similar size wood wreck The Coal Barge. I could never connect the two because the Arnoff is brass pinned and the Coal Barge is steel pinned. On this dive I caught one decent size lobster but it had eggs. Temperature on the bottom was in the 40's which is not bad for the end of January! After the dive we turned on the cabin heat, cooked up lunch on the BBQ then headed for home before the predicted afternoon Gail Force winds began to kick up. The Wreck Valley will continue to run winter trips as long as the creek is not frozen solid and winds permit us to get offshore. If you have a drysuit you are welcome to join us for some winter fun.

    Photo Below: Capt Ed Slater and Mel Brenner after the "Spare Captain" surfaced from his dive.
Photo Above: Skim Ice in the creek.

Next Week End we are thinking about a 1/2 day inshore trip to to the Black Warrior or Iberia Wreck.

For information on diving aboard the Wreck Valley contact:
Capt. Dan Berg


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