The Dive Rite Dive Light Guide 
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  Dive Rite Lights
For over 20 years Dive Rite has been the leader in lighting technology offering you a complete line of rugged powerful lighting systems.

Our years of research in battery and bulb technology have resulted in HID canister lights that provide you with amazing power and illumination in a small compact system. The HID bulbs provide a color temperature close to that of the sun and approximately 1000 hours of life. With various grips, canisters, and heads available -- you can design the system that best fits your needs.
  Dive Rite High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lights enable you to carry a compact, self-contained underwater light system that is capable of providing a level of illumination previously available only from lights using surface-supplied power. Among their key features:

HID bulbs have no filament. The HID bulb creates light by creating an arc between poles. The result is an extremely bright and powerful beam. Because of the low wattages required, HID light system burn times are substantially longer than other types. A 10-watt HID bulb is approximately equal in light output to a 50-watt quartz halogen bulb.

The HID bulb output has a color temperature of 6,000-6,500 degrees Kelvin, essentially the same color temperature as the sun. As a result, the HID light is an excellent choice for underwater video and digital still photography -- and nearly any other underwater activity.

HID bulbs are generally rated as offering approximately 1,000 hours of bulb life. In reality, bulb life is more directly related to the number of times you turn the bulb on and off. Once activated, you should give the bulb at least four minutes to warm up to its proper operating temperature before turning it off. You should also wait at least a minute before restarting a bulb that has just been turned off.


Dive Rite Lights

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