The DIVE RITE Scuba Dive Reel Guide
Find a complete source of Dive Rite scuba Dive Reel and related scuba equipment.

Primary Reel

Divers typically use the Primary Reel as their main navigation reel; it has many other potential uses as well. Available with optional drag feature and either:
  • 400 feet of #24 line with medium stainless steel bolt snap
  • 250 feet of #36 line with X-large stainless steel bolt snap

Explorer Reel

The redesigned Explorer Reel incorporates several innovative features. The side-mounted closed-end handle allows ambidextrous, lateral, or vertical single-handed operation so that the reel may be held in the same hand with the Goodman handle of the light. There is both an adjustable drag and a positive lock-down screw. Includes a large-long double-eye stainless steel bolt snap and either 900 feet of #24 line or 550 feet of #36 line.



Jump/Gap Reel

Cave divers use the compact Jump/Gap Reel to make a temporary connection between the ends of permanent guidelines, or to "jump" to offshoot lines. It comes with 50 feet of #24 line. Some divers prefer this reel over a spool because the skill set for usage is consistent with other reels



Safety Reel

The Safety Reel is used by cave and wreck divers as a back-up reel, or by cavern divers as their primary navigation tool. It has many other uses in activities such as search and recovery, and recreational diver training. It comes with a medium stainless steel bolt snap and either 90 feet of #36 line or 140 feet of #24 line. Optional drag feature is available


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