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Find a complete source of scuba equipment and discount scuba diving equipment, ranging from mask, fins and snorkels to regulators, re-breathers and tech scuba diving equipment. Scuba diving is an equipment extensive sport. Whether its life support gear, a decompression computer, dry suit or an underwater video system you will find a complete resource of available products as well as manufacturers. Although Aqua Explorers is usually associated with wreck diving equipment designed by Capt. Dan Berg. This directory was specifically designed to meet the needs of all divers regardless of experience level. So whether a wreck diver, Caribbean vacation diver or involved in cave exploration you will find all of your scuba equipment in one easy to use scuba equipment directory.

#UPB Pony Bracket
Designed and patented by Capt. Dan Berg. This is the finest, most secure, simplest pony bottle bracket on the market. Aqua Explorer's Ultimate Scuba Pony Bracket Part # UPB is constructed of 300 series Stainless Steel. The unique design attaches to any Pony bottle and will firmly secure the pony to any main size cylinder. The design also allows for quick and easy mounting.
  Quick Release Pony Bracket
This new bracket, also designed by Capt. Berg is great for small pony bottles as well as light canisters. #QRPB is constructed of the finest 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel so it will last a lifetime.. #QRPB will mount to any standard scuba tank and was designed to hold any pony or light canister snug to the main cylinder.  The New Quick Release Pony Bracket. the new standard of excellence in the industry!
Double Bands 
These are the original and still the best Ultimate Velcro Double bands. 316 marine stainless with a design that works on conventional as well as wing style back packs. The  "Ultimate Velcro Double Bands" are constructed of 300 series stainless steel. These heavy duty bands are unique because they will mount to any scuba hard backpack and will also mount to wing style back plates. This system was designed to hold doubles close to the divers back. Reducing unnecessary height. Another unique design feature is the placement of the cam buckles on the back of the tanks. This means no more struggling between your BC and Tanks to buckle the bands. #UVDB will hold any size main cylinders.
  AELOG1.jpg (55274 bytes)Waterproof Dive Log Book
Simply the best, compact, waterproof divers log on the market. Designed by Capt. Dan Berg. This rugged new Stainless spiral bound book is designed for the active diver. The DIVER'S LOG is 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" and holds 100 logged dives. The #AEDL is the most compact log of its kind has a plastic cover and waterproof pages. The DIVER'S LOG is perfect for Tech, Wreck and Cave Divers. Each page holds all pertinent dive information for Air, Nitrox and Mixed Gas divers. In addition the Log has a Personal information page and Dive Gear Checklist.
John line.jpg (228196 bytes)Jon Line Clip
Designed and patented by Capt. Dan Berg and Hank Garvin this is the original one hand applied Jon line clip. Works on all anchor lines. A must for tech and deco diving. The #JLC Jon Line Clip was designed to permit divers to attach a Jon Line to any anchor line with only one hand. The #JLC is made of 316 Marine Grade stainless spring steel and will attach any Jon Line and to any anchor line for decompression and safety decompression stops. DThis Product can also be utilized on a strobe light for quick and easy rigging to the anchor line. 
  Dans swing tank.jpg (95422 bytes)Speedy Stage  
Now hook up stage bottles without any permanent hardware. A simple cam buckle securely attaches D-ring to stage. SPEEDY-S allows divers to quickly and easily rig any cylinder as a swing tank. This system includes a cam buckle strap mounted "D" Ring and Valve Strap. Technical Divers can now easily move stage hardware from one cylinder to another. No longer do permanent "D" rings and neck rings have to be mounted to every swing bottle. The # SPEEDY-S system works great and will mount to any size cylinder
Scuba Regulators
Perhaps the most important pc of scuba diving equipment a diver owns. The scuba regulator is one piece of life support equipment that must be top notch. Although there is no one brand of regulator that is recommended for wreck diving, cave diving or recreational diving, divers should compare features as well as performance when deciding on a regulator.
  Scuba buoyancy compensators
Buoyancy Compensators range is design and price. Now compare all of the different designs features in one simple directory. Make sure you pick a BC that is designed for the type of diving you do. You may need a BC that can support double tanks or one that is low profile. Compare features before making a purchase.
AIR Z Nitrox WristScuba Computers
Decompression computers are now for everyone. Tech divers, cave divers and wreck divers all benefit from the multilevel depth calculations. Although having a dive computer is by no means mandatory, wreck diving equipment divers have found these compact gauges to be worth their weight in gold. Many types and styles are available. I recommend a meter that in bold digital numbers tells you exactly where you are and how much if any decompression is needed. This information should not have to be interpolated; it should be digital.
  Scuba Diving Knives - Titanium Pro Point Dive KnifeScuba dive knife  
Stainless dive knives. These knives will stay sharp while providing divers with a strong tool. It is essential for all divers to wear at least one dive knife, and it is also highly recommended to have a back up knife. Almost any manufacturer's knives will do, but bear in mind that you get what you pay for.  Dive Knives
Your main or primary light should be a powerful, dependable wide beam light capable of illuminating the wreck's interior darkness. For penetration dives, this primary light should have a burn time longer than the planned duration of the dive. For any wreck penetration diving, a second wide-beam backup light is also needed. The second type of light is a smaller spot light used to look deep into holes to help you spot lobsters and artifacts.
  Gloves1a.jpg (96764 bytes)Kevlar Dry Gloves
Dive gloves or mitts are mandatory for any cold water environment. For wreck diving divers also need gloves to be abrasive resistant. Gloves come in a variety of design ranging from wet to dry, thick and thin. Compare features before deciding which fits your scuba diving needs.
Scuba wet suits
Stay warm in the most advanced wet suit on the market. West suit design details vary between manufacturers. Divers can opt for thin 1/8" suits for warm water diving or thick suits for cold water environments'. Other details like knee pads, zipper placement and material can be compared before purchase.
  Lift Bags
The best commercial, recreational, and pontoon lift bags for artifact recovery, up-lines and heavy salvage.  For wreck and tech diving lift bags are a mandatory piece of equipment. Now you can compare each manufacturers product before deciding  on which lift bag is right for you.
Scuba Masks
Why are some scuba mask superior to others. See all of the different designs and features of today's most
popular diving masks
  Scuba Fins
Can some fins really make you swim faster? The answer is yes. Pick the fin that was designed for the type of diving you do.
Scuba Snorkels
Mandatory equipment for skin diving. the snorkel has evolved into a fairly exotic pc of dive equipment.
  Scuba Cylinders
All shapes and sizes. Aluminum, low pressure and steel high pressure. Pick the scuba tank that is right for you.
scuba dry suits
Stay warmer for longer more enjoyable dives. Extend your dive season. Dry suit divers can stay warm even when in near freezing water.
  [IMAGE]scuba dive reels
Dive reels give a diver the ability to find their way out of a shipwreck or  back to the anchor line while in limited visibility. A must for cave diving.
Scuba dive watch
How long have you been underwater. Or should I ask how long have you been out of the water. These high tech dive watches have all the latest features.
  Underwater cutting
Not all divers have the need to cut through 1/2 inch steel. Commercial divers and artifact hunting wreck divers will find these tools very exciting.
VX-PC 300Scuba Cameras and Video
Bring back those beautiful underwater images as digital or video images.
  u/w/ Communication 
Now talk underwater. Talk to divers while still aboard the boat.
Stay longer and get closer to marine life. No bubbles means no noise. Great for underwater photographers.
  Spear guns and pole spears
The best spear guns and pole spears available. If hunting underwater you need the best equipment.
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Learn how to provide first aid in an emergency situation and where to obtain quality first aid supplies.
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