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The Frank Buck (South Wreck) Shipwreck  New York's Wreck Valley

Historical and current New York Shipwreck Information and images for scuba divers and fisherman.


This unidentified copper clad wood hulled sailing vessel is approximately 200 feet long. According to Hank Garvin Captain George Hoffman from the dive boat Sea Lion provided loran numbers. Hank then arranged to dive the wreck from the R.V.Wahoo. He reports that the vessels gunnels and keel are all that protrude from the sandy bottom. Divers will recognize two winches a small boiler and two capstans. The Frank Buck sits on a clean sand bottom in 144 feet about 26 miles out of Fire Island NY. Hank also reports that divers aboard the Wahoo recovered dead eyes, her steam whistle and a variety of bottles. This wreck is also know to fishing Captains as Our Daily Bread.

The Frank Buck is an unidentified schooner. She sits in 145-150' of water. Post side is high and stands up about 3-4'. Starboard side has only 1-2' relief. This wreck is usually loaded with lobsters. We have also recovered quite a few dead eyes from her.  This wreck is also known as the South Wreck and Our Daily Bread. Bring a lift bag for this dive. Its not uncommon for an experienced diver to find one of her dead eyes.

Capt. Dan Berg recovered this deck prism from the Frank Buck shipwreck. These prisms were mounted point down through the wood deck of many sailing ships. Ambient light would refract through the prism and illuminate the entire interior room.





Lobsters and artifacts recovered from the Frank Buck shipwreck. Photo by Dan Berg.

Below: Capt. Dan Berg with two dead eyes and a deck prism he recovered on one dive tot he Frank Buck wreck.


Capt. Ed Slater with a dead eye from the Frank Buck. Photo by Dan Berg

Bob Warner with bell and wistle from the Buck wreck.

Steve Bielenda with a huge lobster from the Frank Buck wreck.

Group of divers from the Wreck Valley after a trip to the Frank Buck wreck. Photo courtesy Dan Berg

AJ and Capt Dan with Dead Eyes from the Frank Buck

Capt. Dan with two dead eyes he recovered from the Frank Buck. Photo by Ed Slater.






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