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The Hankins Shipwreck  New Jersey's Wreck Valley

Historical and current New Jersey Shipwreck Information and images for scuba divers and fisherman.

Shipwreck Hankins sketch   

The Hankins is an unidentified schooner. She sits upright on the bottom with her bow facing North. Bow provides the highest relief on the site. Divers will also find an assortment of machinery like the wrecks winch, a chain pile and her unique anchor. She sits in 80' of water. This is a South Jersey wreck. It takes us a while to get there but the trip is well worth it. This wreck is usually loaded with lobsters. We have also recovered quite a few dead eyes from her. Dead eyes are part of the shop rigging used like an pulley in order to keep her mast upright and tight. Since we have recovered both cable and plate mounted dead eyes we can assume that this ship was fully rigged when she went down.






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