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marine sea life jewelry

Seawear nautical and Celtic jewelry

Nautical jewelry, marine sealife jewelry, Celtic jewelry, Claddagh rings and custom wedding bands in gold or platinum. Seawear for wearing from sea to sea! ... Seawear nautical, marine sea life and Celtic jewelry. nautical jewelry. marine sea life. irish celtic claddagh jewelry. fine gold jewelry. Nautical jewelry of your daydreams and memories

nautical jewelry

Nautical Jewelry from A Treasure Lost Galleon is the finest nautical jewelry you will ever see! ... If you love the sea, our hand-crafted nautical jewelry such as fishing swivel and bar link anchor ... Our nautical jewelry is second to none in quality, design and craftsmanship ...

Nautical Jewelry Wholesale Nautical Necklaces, Nautical Pins, Nautical Costume Jewelry

A designer collection of handcrafted antique reproduction nautical jewelry. Secure On-Line Ordering ... NAUTICAL COSTUME JEWELRY DESIGNS-Retail And Wholesale ... CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW TO SEE MORE NAUTICAL JEWELRY! Nautical Jewelry Pg.1| Nautical Jewelry Pg.2 ...
Nantucket Bracelet

Golds My Bag Nautical 
of Cape Cod

Gold nautical jewelry captures the sea life and seashells of Cape Cod, Nantucket and Marthas Vinyard ... Home : Nautical Jewelry. Nautical Jewelry in 14Kt gold captures the sea life, places and things to see around ... or CLICK the links below to browse our selection Nautical Jewelry. ...
gold jewelry, custom made nautical jewelry
Gold Jewelry that makes a statement! You have never seen nautical jewelry as creative as the selection from A Treasure of Lost Galleons. ... Say "Welcome aboard" to the finest nautical jewelry you have ever seen! ... Looks great with our nautical jewelry! Storm-Hurricane-Shutters

marine jewelry


Nautical Jewelry for sale from Aqua Explorers

Nautical Jewelry
Gold & Silver Cut Coin Nautical Jewelry
Featuring nautical coins from around the world. Each piece is hand crafted from an actual coin.
First a small hole is drilled in the coin, then a very fine jewelers saw blade is inserted through the 
hole and worked around the coins design (figure), by hand, cutting away the background. Thus 
leaving the coins figure floating inside it's outer edge (rim). The figure is then selectively layered 
(by hand) in a brilliant and pure Gold & Silver.

Nautical Jewelry
Gold & Silver Cut Coin Nautical Jewelry

#J139C Spanish 50 centimes
(Anchor & Ships Wheel) copper - nickel (U.S. nickel - size) 1949 - 1963 18" chain $34.95 ea.

#J120C Bahamas 50 cent (Blue Marlin) 80% silver (U.S. half $ - size) 1969 - 1980 24" chain $45.95 ea

#J114C So. African penny bronze (U.S. quarter - size) 1966 - 1985
18" chain $44.95 ea.

#J116C Cayman Is. 25 cent copper - nickel (U.S. quarter - size) 1972 - 1988. 18" chain $38.95 ea.

#J137C Bermuda 5 cent (Angel fish)
copper - nickel (U.S. nickel - size)
1970 - date 18" chain $24.95 ea.

#J138C Singapore 10 cent copper - nickel (U.S. dime - size) 1967 - 1985 18" chain $24.95 ea.

#J105C Bahamas 25 cent nickel
(U.S. quarter - size) 1966 - 1985 18" chain $30.95 ea.

#J153C Bahamas 10 cent (Bone fish)
copper - nickel (quarter size) 1966 - date 18" chain $26.95 ea.


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Dive Silver by Peter Stone premier scuba jewelry

Nautical Jewelry Magnificent handcrafted Nautical Coin Jewelry. Exquisite collectors pieces layered in gold and silver. Each breathtaking exclusive work of art is hermetically sealed against wear in clear, hard acrylic coating.

Nautical Supply Shop

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Aqua Explorers Inc.

2745 Cheshire Dr
Baldwin NY 11510

Phone/Fax 516 868-2658


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