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metal detector treasure hunting gold ring and coinsThese gold rings and brass button were found while on a family vacation and metal detecting a lake in NH in July 2008. The button is a Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) uniform button. The GAR was an organization for Union veterans of the Civil War
metal detector treasure hunting brass dragon shipwreck divingOne winter a few years back. Capt. Ed Slater and I headed to the North Shore of Long Island to dive Sea Cliff. One the way I told Ed about my friend the late Capt. George Hoffman. George was one of the original wreck divers off New Jersey. He ran the dive boat Sea Lion. I told Ed about three brass dragons which George had recovered from the January Wreck. One was a brass dragon cane handle which to this day is one of the most spectacular artifacts I have ever seen. Anyway, after over an hour of driving we suited up and swam offshore. Very near a little wreck I hit my first target. I dug down almost 16 inches. Then at the bottom of the hole I saw a brass tail sticking out of the sand. I had to stop and tell myself  "no way", "no possible way can this be a brass dragon". I then carefully pulled the tail and had my very own brass dragon shipwreck artifact. When we got back to shore I told Ed that Capt. George had to have been diving with me today! He is always welcome.
Sometimes you just can not explain things!. A few years back we were metal detecting in a lake in mid January. The lake was freezing cold and the surface temp was not much better. I was only finding new coins and was getting a bit disgusted. After spending about a half hour in the water I started to shiver. Giving up I decided to head back to shore. One the way, I hit one more target. Fanning away the sand and muck I pulled out this plastic tag the reads "Danny is a Wus". To say the least timing for this find was perfect. What make the story even better is that the tag is plastic and gives off no signal!!! My good friend the late Capt. George Hoffman always told things the way they were. He never pulled a punch and told it as he saw it. It was one of his qualities that I most admired. I can only say that Capt. George (see above story) must have been diving with me again. End result is I was to embarrassed to abort the dive and forced myself to stay in the freezing water for another half hour.
black warrior shipwreck gold ring metal detector treasure hunting Back on 10-28-01 Capt Ed Slater surfaced from his dive and asked if I could go down and help him recover a large pc of brass. The brass looked like a screen but was wedged under the wreck. Ed had spent his entire dive working on the artifact but was now running low on air. I jumped in and quickly found the spot. Visibility had cleared a bit and I could see a rock wedging the brass in place. It only took a couple minutes and Ed's artifact was free. It was then that I noticed a shinny object half buried in the sand. Ed had found a strainer from a sink. I found a gold ring which had once been lost in the Black Warrior's plumbing. This just goes to show that even though
metal detecting and treasure hunting can be a venture that requires a
little bit more of a personal budget to get started, it's a hobby
that can be infinitely rewarding.
metal detector treasure hunting arrow headWhile doing a Beach Dive on Long Island  and metal detecting you never know what you are going to find. On this day I found a couple large cents, a variety of small artifacts but best of all was an Indian arrow head which flipped out of the sand as I was digging targets. Photo courtesy Ed Slater.
metal detector treasure hunting porthole ring display boxEd Slater and I each recovered one of these rectangular brass portholes while diving Derelict Bay. Ed cleaned them both up and with a  little work created a unique display case for gold found while metal detecting. For other Artifact presentation ideas check out Shipwreck Expo Artifact Presentation.
metal detector treasure hunting spanish coin ringThis was the first Spanish coin I ever found. It was dug up while metal detecting a beach in New Jersey. We think this and other coins recovered in the area came from the wreck of the Live Oak. My wife had the coin made into a ring for me. Check out other area Treasure Wrecks
metal detector treasure hunting spanish piller dollarMy friend Mike McMeekin found this coin on the same beach as posted above. Coin is in excellent condition especially considering be submerged in a salt water environment. We were hunting the beach after a winter storm. This coin was found high and dry in the sand. Mike actually spotted it before his metal detector had a chance to sound off.
I found this brass face while scuba diving on the North Shore of Long Island. Used a Fisher 1280 X. The face was buried in mud about 4inches deep.
All around Long Island land and water hunters can find a variety of old coins. This was was found on a farm found out east.
This tiny trophy was found along with a hand full of old coins while hunting shallow water in the Sea Cliff area.
This appears to be a seal. It item is brass, with the face filled with wax. It was found in around 20 feet of water near Garvies Point.
All around Long Island land and water hunters can find a variety of old coins. This was was found while working an old hotel swim beach in Patchogue.
Local treasure hunters can even occasionally find Spanish coins on the beaches and on land. Unfortunately, I am still looking for my first Spanish gold coin.
This circa 1787 New Jersey Copper Shield token was found while metal detecting a lake in Eastern Long Island on February 22, 2009.  What makes the token interesting is that after 30 years of diving this token has the same emblem and text "E Pluribus Unum" as my last shipwreck artifact which was recovered just a few months earlier. What are the odds?

New Jersey Copper metal detector treasure hunting

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Ever go to the beach and watch a guy strolling down the waters edge metal detector in hand. That guy is not just searching for pocket change. He is looking for and most likely finding treasure. For the purpose of this text we will focus on Beach and Water Hunting. Learn why Metal detecting can be enjoyed as a hobby by those of all ages. Its one of the only activities that can quickly pay for itself while providing the hobbyist with outdoor fun, adventure and exercise. This text defines water and beach detecting into five distinct forms of treasure hunting. Please be aware that many of these types of detecting overlap. For example a beach hunter with a water proof detector will often venture into the shallow surf in search of gold rings and a scuba diver could certainly use his same detector on the dry beach. This text teaches the basics as well as tricks of the trade learned form years of detecting. These techniques make it easy and will greatly increase your productivity. Anyone can discover lost gold and this book will show you how.

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Metal Detecting on land, the beach, in the surf and underwater using scuba equipment

Their are many different types of Treasure Hunting. Some look for sunken Spanish wrecks and lost treasure others walk the beach with metal detectors in search of lost jewelry. In either case research is just as important as a little luck. If your interested in searching for a treasure wreck please refer to the list of
Treasure Shipwrecks , look in the Shipwreck Diving section, or take a look at the Side Scan Sonar section. The below listed text is an accumulation or articles in reference to metal detecting.  

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