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The North East Sailer Shipwreck  New Jersey's Wreck Valley

Historical and current New York and New Jersey Shipwreck Information and images for scuba divers and fisherman.

Shipwreck North East Sailer

The Sailer and North East Sailer are two schooner wrecks off NJ. Both wrecks look very similar and are often confused. The North East Sailer is actually South West  of the Sailer wreck so Im not really sure how the unidentified wrecks were named. The Sailer is the larger of the two wrecks She sits in 75-80' of water off Manasquan Inlet NJ. This wreck holds quite a few lobsters. Off the port side of her bow we found two anchors partially buried in the sand.

On Aug 25th 2005 Capt. Ed Slater recovered a nice brass gauge from the wreck. The Steam gauge was patent dated 1908. We can now start to research schooners sunk after 1908  and hopefully find a match to this unidentified shipwreck.


This dead eye was recovered by diver Dave Traphagen. He wrote "The deadeye that I have  had the rigging from the ratlines. The other deadeye was attached to the hull and was the same size". Photo by Dave Traphagen






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