The Bayonet Pony Bracket  

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Aqua Explorers Inc is pound to announce the release of the New #QRPB Quick Release Pony Bracket. The #QRPB was designed by Capt. Dan Berg to be a simple, secure, fast & easy way to mount pony bottles, and cannister light packs. Dan's new 2 piece design is unique because of the spring steel locking trigger that snaps into position locking both pieces together. The system is very easy to use. Divers mount the female half on their main cylinder with two hose clamps or a 2" web belt. They then use two hose clamps to mount the male half onto their pony or cannister light. Mounting the pony to the main cylinder is now as easy as sliding the two halves together until the system locks. Taking the pony off requires simply pressing the spring release trigger and sliding the brackets apart. Now you can switch tanks in seconds! Part #QRPB is constructed of the finest 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel so it will last a lifetime.. #QRPB will mount to any standard scuba tank and was designed to hold any pony or light canister snug to the main cylinder. Unlike other 3pc male/female brackets on the market the #QRPBs design eliminates the need for a locking pin. As most divers know locking pins can get lost and have always caused alignment problems. In addition the #QRPB has a compact 2 " x 3 " low profile design. Aqua Explorers New Quick Release Pony Bracket. the new standard of excellence in the industry!


Sorry this item is currently not available

The #QRBP has a retail price of $49.95 






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