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2007 artifacts

The Wreck Valley ran to an unidentified wreck today. We had flat seas and 25 ft vis on the bottom. The wreck was very interesting. Had a prop shaft, boiler, steel propeller and brass everywhere. Before to long 3 lift bags hit the surface. Capt. Ed Slater recovered the first, I found the 2nd and Jimmy Faz got the 3rd. With the help of Bob Wasserman all were recovered and hauled aboard. The wreck is also brass pined. Not exactly sure what they are ( we do have a good idea) but each weighs 60-100 pounds and is a combination of brass and wood. We will definitely be going back to this one. Hopefully very soon and with the water dredge!!
Can anyone confirm what they are?

Safe Diving
Capt. Dan Berg

Bart Malone writes

Gooddaa Dan,,,,,What you guy's recovered are BALLARDS. The one I recovered 25 yrs. ago had the Ships Builder on it . They slide Over a 14" dia. section of the boats ribbing and go down too the rest of the hull beams.There should be a 1-1 1/2" dia. hole that goes thru harizonal that the "line"-"hawser rope" is secured to and prevents it from rising up.The vessel that mine was recovered from was a "TOW BOAT" built in CAMDEN, NEW JERSEY-1890....The Tow Boat was 90' long.
 Nice find for The Team....Bart.




2006 Artifact Photos (listed below)

Wkly Dive Conditions Report Blog




In Loving Memory
Winfred M. Berg

It is with the deepest regrets that I announce the passing of my father, Winfred Berg.  My father was an engineer who designed and invented precision mechanical components. He had over 35 inventions that were patented in the US. He founded the PIC design corp and W. M. Berg Inc, both of which are still in business today. Some of his manufactured parts actually flew to the moon during the Apollo missions. Others were incorporated in the first man powered flight back in the 1970's. My dad was one of the original founding members of the Hewlett Point Yacht Club (HPYC) and was even Mayor of East Rockaway for a few years. Although, his business and political accomplishments were a major part of his life I think he will be remembered most for is love of children. Every year he would host the HPYC kids Christmas party and Penny Auction. You had to see him in action to understand how he worked the young crowd. At each event he was the adult that was completely surrounded by kids. On que every child in the room would run to the window, looking for Santa and dad would make sure that every kid would go home happy. Around the house he was the same way. Every Saturday at noon he opened the backyard and pool to all the neighborhood kids. Everyone was welcome but they all had to bring a bag of rocks to get through the gate. This became a game every as Sat morning, as kids from all over town (including myself) searched for  50 rocks so they could go swimming. My dad would stand by the gate and collect his rocks. Complaining that some were to small or giving the bigger kids a hard time for only bringing one big rock. Bottom line, everyone was allowed to swim. My dad actually taught almost all the neighborhood kids how to swim.  To me Winfred Berg was the best father in the world. I respected his wisdom, appreciated his family devotion and will miss him and love him forever. At his wake on Sunday one of the old neighborhood kids brought a bag of rocks and asked if she could put them in his coffin. This was perhaps the greatest tribute which could be bestowed upon a man who loved children.

Capt. Dan Berg's
Wreck Valley Wkly Dive Conditions Report

Capt. Ed Slater with a brass porthole recovered on 8-27-04


Oregonporthole1.jpg (16852 bytes)  Oregonporthoe2.jpg (15047 bytes)  Oregonporthole3.jpg (13154 bytes)
Portholes recovered from the Oregon 2004

61304oregon1.jpg (11601 bytes)     61404oregoned.jpg (15478 bytes)   61404oregongroup.jpg (14311 bytes)
Jimmy Faz with Congress Water bottle. Capt. Ed Slater with his three bottle conglomerate. Randi Eisen's charter group with 13 bottles from the Oregon.

Oregon May 2004 028a.jpg (27838 bytes) Capt. Dan, Jimmy Faz and Capt. Ed after a day on the Oregon

Oregon May 2004 010a.jpg (50962 bytes) Jimmy and Dan display Oregon artifacts

Baldeagle1504.jpg (51055 bytes)  Mel Brenner with bottle from the Bald Eagle

Baldeagle2504.jpg (64136 bytes)  Capt. Ed Slater with miniature china bowl from the Bald Eagle

Baldeagle3504.jpg (74366 bytes)  Baldeagle4504.jpg (46468 bytes)  Capt. Dan Berg with vinegar ceramic jar from the Bald Eagle

Baldeagle7504.jpg (74807 bytes)  Jimmy Faz and Mel with Artifacts recovered from the Bald Eagle Wreck 2004

 Oregon1504.jpg (44812 bytes)  Oregon2504.jpg (51098 bytes) Jimmy Faz with his serial #1 Oregon Porthole


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