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Unlike wetsuits insulate by warming the thin layer of water between the suit an your skin. Dry suits keep you dry. Warmth is directly related to the thickness of the suit and or the undergarments worn. There are many different designs and materials used by dry suit manufacturers. The basics are neoprene, compressed neoprene and shell suits (varies materials). Of course each has its pros and cons. For example full thickness neoprene suits are the most affordable and arguably the warmest but are also the most buoyant. Dry suits have neoprene or latex seals around the neck and wrists, the boots are usually integrated into the suit. Some dry suits are self donning while others have a more conventional shoulder zipper which requires assistance to zip closed. The sites listed below contain a wealth of information on dry suits for scuba diving. I would strongly suggest trying a few suits on or even arranging for a pool test dive before purchase. Most full service dive shops can arrange and some even offer dry suit rentals.

  Apollo Dry Suits
A drysuit creates a closed environment. Sealing off waters access at neck, wrist, ankle, and seams substantially reduces the amount of material necessary for warmth. Thicker neoprene is unecessary, harder to move in and requires you to wear more weight when diving. Apollo utilizes microcell rather than crushed neoprene for the ultimate in comfort, flexibility, and warmth.

Custom Style Fit
Size it right! Extra length in the arms and legs will help increase the life of your seams. Actual boot size is provided in centimeters below. You can measure your foot to determine the best size; allow space for any socks or additional footwear if applicable. The approximate equivalent in standard US Men's shoe size is noted in parentheses:
  Zeagle Dry Suits
If you dive in anything but the warmest water, dive deeper than 60 feet, or dive repetitively, a drysuit will greatly increase your comfort, enjoyment, and safety.
Zeagle’s drysuits and drysuit underwear are crafted with the same meticulous attention to detail, innovative design, and rugged, quality materials that have made Zeagle a leader in top end diving equipment for over twenty years. Standard features include reflective tape on sleeves, extra insulation over latex neckseals, heavy duty wrist seals, swiveling inlet valves, maintenance kit, and storage bag

Dive Rite scuba equipment


DUI drysuits and scuba equipment

OS SYSTEMS - The Drysuit People


Bare Sportswear Corp  wetsuits and drysuits

KME Dry Suits

Dry Suits Zeagle Systems - Scuba Diving Equipment Manufacturer

Diving HDS 140 range



Diving Concepts  neoprene and trilaminate drysuits


Drysuit Hanger Co  drysuit hangers

Oceanic Scuba Equipment  
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