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    Aqualung Regulators
The Legend regulator series incorporates a proprietary over-balanced diaphragm first stage design coupled with a high performance balanced second stage. The over-balanced first stage achieves unprecedented performance by increasing your air supply the deeper you go. The balanced adjustable second stage reduces breathing resistance to near zero with a lightweight balanced valve seat designed to respond instantaneously to the slightest inhalation. The Legend regulator series is the best performing regulator Aqua Lung has ever offered. Legendary performance from Aqua Lung: a tradition for 60 years
    Aqualung Buoyancy Compensators
Now, for the first time, the company that produces the premiere line of technical regulators offers you a premiere line of technical BCs. Introducing the WTX Series – a selection of harnesses, buoyancy cells and accessories that will certainly appeal to today’s technical divers. These fine products offer unparalleled versatility through their modularity. The components can be assembled into a highly technical rig for those trained to push the limits or scaled down to make a travel friendly rig that any diver would want to use. Streamlined low profile back inflation BC with excellent stability and fit.Back flotation BC. Patented, fully weight-integrated, Rapid Deployment Weight System™ (RDS) holds up to 10 lbs/4.5 kg of weight per pocket for a maximum of 20 lbs/9 kg. Two non-release rear weight pockets hold up to 5 lbs/2.5 kg of weight per pocket (10 lbs/5 kg total). Powerline Inflator (pictured) for quick, easy inflation. Includes an inflator integrated pull dump. Constructed from durable 420-Denier nylon
    Aqualung Masks
The Kea mask offers the diver and snorkeler superior comfort and a virtually unrestricted angle of view. This lightweight frame design produces a mask with superior comfort while maintaining an extremely low volume and a low profile resulting in excellent horizontal and vertical angle of view
    Aqualung Fins
The Blades II fins have been the fin of choice for experienced and novice divers alike. With the perfect balance of flexibility and power, the Blades II will get you where you want to go with ease and efficiency. The HF (Hands Free) buckle system releases conveniently with a push of your heel and eliminates the need to bend down to release your fin buckles
    Aqualung Snorkels
The Impulse Snorkel continues to be the snorkel of choice for divers all around the world. Its popularity is due to the highly efficient upper valve system, which guides excess water away from the main airway preventing water from reaching the mouthpiece. The Impulse 3 is an improved, more streamlined version of the original
    Aqualung wet suits
This suit was developed for bodies in motion. Now, with the flexibility and comfort of our 250 % four-way stretch Aqua Flex neoprene, you can be free to flex. This wetsuit is the ultimate in stretch. It’s about comfort, it’s about stretch and it’s about you. Keep warm with the new Aqua Flex 7mm
    AquaLung (Drager) Rebreathers
The Secret of Silence
- When you slide beneath the surface you instantly become a part of a different world - a silent world. With a Dräger rebreather you become "one" with the silent world and acutely aware of the silence it brings. Shy marine inhabitants are no longer afraid of your presence and accept you as a free member of their world. For the first time you can experience diving the underwater world as it should be - in total silence.

Aqua Lung is the name that first introduced the world to Scuba diving more than 60 years ago when Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Emille Gagnan developed the first "Aqua-Lung." The excitement and adventurous spirit of that first dive continues today and is reflected in Aqua Lung's dedication to quality and innovation.

Aqua Lung's growth over the last 60 years has continued with the acquisition of several leading companies that share our excitement and innovative spirit. The expertise that these businesses bring to Aqua Lung has allowed us to better serve our customers by offering a wider range of high quality diving equipment.

Today, both Aqua Lung International and Aqua Lung America are highly successful divisions of Air Liquide. With more than 200 employees in the U.S. and over 500 employees worldwide, Aqua Lung International now has 12 divisions throughout the world.

Aqua Lung international includes the best brands in aquatic equipment. Aqua Lung's long history in the dive industry, the worldwide network of dealers, and the expertise of our companies, has led to the high demand for our equipment for recreational, technical and military applications in more than 30 countries.


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