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The unbalanced regulator has been the workhorse of the industry for years. Why? Its rugged, simplistic, dependable, low cost design lends itself for use as a primary, recreational, technical or DECO regulator. This Oxygen Clean regulator in fact was utilized by the National Park Service as a primary SCUBA regulator in its 190+ foot dive to the B-29 bomber in Lake Mead! This regulator now comes standard with (1) frosted (1) Black (1) green (Oxygen) and (1) Yellow cover. Also available as an octopus.

The new OMS® R-250 oxygen clean 2nd stage features a knob for adjustment of air flow and a Venturi assist for excellent WOB (work of breathing).

The first stage incorporates a balanced diaphragm design that offers high performance with environmental protection (clearly the choice for cold/ and or contaminated water). The first stage is designed for vertical or horizontal positioning and with the (2) HP and (4) LP ports many hose configurations are possible

The NEW OMS® Deep Performance™ regulator recently underwent extensive testing at a test lab that utilized a certified ANSTI simulator to demonstrate that it outperforms many technical regulators at depth. Results of the testing showed that the Deep Performance regulator is unsurpassed for overall work of breathing performance at depths to 329 FSW. Even though OMS® does not recommend diving to any depth without the proper training and certification, we believe that it is important to know your regulator can deliver superior performance.


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