The SCUBAPRO Scuba Wet Suit Guide 
Find a complete source of Scubapro wet suits, thermal protection and related scuba equipment.
  This new steamer is a real answer to the truly demanding diver, because is it the only suit offering our new and exclusive Hydro Seal. It consists of fluid rubber on the outside over stitching and is virtually indestructible and stops any water flow. In addition, stitching is protected from potential unraveling. We are enthusiastic about offering this new technology in the market and are confident in its high performance.

Glideskin exterior material on external torso section. (chest shield panel)
Superfine and smooth Heliospan weave. Keeps vital body organs warmer.
Fast drying and durable N2S neoprene on arms and legs. Historically successful on all of our suits.
    Thermal TEC Steamer
Steamers for serious divers.
Main suit section is N2S for exceptional durability
External torso section is Fairskin, non-porous material
Internal torso section is Heliospan material
A superfine mesh weave with superior water absorbency tendencies.
EverFlex stretch panels on the side and under the arm
Give this suit the extra flexibility for fit and comfort.
    EverFlex Steamer

This advanced steamer incorporates many tested and true features along with the added advantage of unparalleled comfort, stretch and endurance mobility of the unique EverFlex material. If you're tired of the struggle to get in your suit, the EverFlex is for you.

100% EverFlex material construction. Allows for great stretch, freedom of movement and provides an excellent fit for a wide range of people.

Integrated Tatex kneepads. Providing abrasion resistance and maximize freedom to move.
Metal main zipper slider. For extra durability and consistent easy of operation.
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