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Diving with Sharks
Both inspiring and instructional, Diving with Sharks is for competent divers who desire more challenging adventures--perhaps diving with the menacing great whites or exploring ships that had succumbed to the sea. Included are specialized techniques for each dive and human drama stories that add zest to an already extraordinary collection of adventures.

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Both inspiring and instructional, Diving with Sharks is for competent divers who desire more challenging adventures--perhaps diving with the menacing great whites or exploring ships that had succumbed to the sea. Included are specialized techniques for each dive and human drama stories that add zest to an already extraordinary collection of adventures. Includes hundreds of full-color photos.



Great White Shark Diving South Africa

Great white shark cage diving and viewing at Dyer Island, South Africa by White Shark Ecoventures, Cape Town. ... WHITE SHARK DIVING

White Shark Ecoventures invites you cage diving with great white sharks in the aptly named "Shark Alley", near the fishing village of Gansbaai, South Africa. 

Sharks are quite possibly the world's most feared animals. From the smallest sand shark to the enormous whale shark, they are sleek, muscled, and some are almost as agile as a dolphin. There is no doubt that they are the most evolved predators in the ocean. Row upon row of teeth and capable of sensing the blood of an injured animal from over a kilometre away, its not surprising that they are the most feared creature beneath the waves. And of them all, the Great White is the most awesome.

White Shark Diving:

What we are offering you is the opportunity to dive and meet a Great White Shark, face to face - and on your own terms. Its an education and you will soon learn that this magnificent creature is in fact, highly misunderstood. It is a creature which should be more respected than feared. And if you spend some quality time with us, and with them, you will quickly learn


  San Diego Shark Diving Expeditions
We get you "up close and personal" with Great White Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Great Hammerheads, Blues & Makos, Galapagos Sharks, Caribbean Reef, Nurse, Dusky, Silky, and Whale Sharks. We pioneered Great White Shark Diving at Guadalupe Island.
We are the oldest shark diving operation on the West Coast of the US. Pick a trip, step onboard and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!
A Professional Videographer accompanies each Great White Shark and Blue/Mako Shark trip, so you can purchase a DVD of your time with the sharks.
  Dive the Big 5 for Scuba Diving and Wildlife Safaris
Tiger Sharks are seasonally resident on our coast. We say “seasonally resident” as there are distinct seasonal visitations. The big females (3.0m pcl and bigger) join us from January to June. Animals in the size range 3.0m pcl and smaller are best viewed in the period July to December.

We have been baiting areas to the south of the main Aliwal Shoal reef body over the last four years and the success rates have been as follows:
  Bahamas Diving Association: It just keeps getting better.
No matter if sharks give you the heebie-jeebies or fill you with fascination, a Bahamas shark dive may offer the most thrilling 45 minutes you'll ever spend underwater. In The Bahamas you have the unique opportunity to observe sharks at close range, in their natural environment. You can find a shark dive in almost every part of The Bahamas, and each one is different. Some are shark feeds and some are not. So, how do you pick one? Here's an overview of what's available that may help you choose your thrill.
Long Island
Stella Maris Inn started it all 25 years ago, bringing wild-eyed divers on the first shark feeding dives. You can still experience the same thrill at Shark Reef, off Long Island. Divers line up on the sandy bottom, backs to a coral bluff, while the divemaster floats a bucket of bait across from the boat and dumps it into the water. The assembled Caribbean Reef Sharks, Carcharhinus perezi, scoop up the offering right before your eyes.


Photos by Randi Eisen

Many divers travel to the shipwrecks of North Carolina to see Sand Tiger sharks. The above photos courtesy
Larry Cohen.


Fossil Shark Tooth Diving Identification Guide  ebook
The Black Water River Diver's guide to Identification of Fossil Shark Teeth, Fossils and Early Man Spear Points.

Buy Now   only $9.95
6.5 MB instant download, printable  PDF file

Black Water Fossil Diving Identification Guide is a 39 page downloadable, printable PDF booklet. The text is packed with information and color images. Find out what Fossil diving in South Carolina is all about or use the guide to help identify your own fossils. Learn how to successfully search for huge Carcharodon megalodon teeth. Capt. Dan has included many of Mike Mc Meekin and Vito Bertucci's river diving tips and fossil images. Learn why even if you get separated from the boat never swim to shore.

This New Fossil ebook is heavily illustrated with color photographs. Divers, fossil hunters, armchair sailors or anyone with a general interest in history, diving, or fossils will surely find this ebook informative, fascinating and the perfect addition to their library

* New Book *




Shark DivingShark Diving - Shark Diving guide covering such questions as; what is shark diving?, is shark diving safe?, do i need qualifications?, what if i am not certified, do the sharks ever attack the cage? and is cage diving always possible? Pictures and links for further information included.

Great White Adventures San Franciso and Farallon Islands California Adventure Travel: Great White Sharks

Big Fish-Big Teeth-Big Surprises

Adventure Diving SafarisAdventure Diving Safaris - Adventure scuba diving safaris and holidays to South Africa and Mozambique - Great White shark cage diving, reef diving, shark diving, wreck diving - dive South Africa

Dive South Africa - Dive South Africa - Scuba diving holidays and wildlife safaris to South Africa and Moambique. Great White shark cage diving, tropical reef diving and wreck diving. Dive with sharks, whale sharks, whales, dolphins and turtles

KwaMnandi Dive Lodge -  KwaMnandi Dive Lodge - Accommodation in Umkomaas, South Africa, ideal for shark diving, wreck diving, reef diving and Great White cage diving. Dive Aliwal Shoal, Protea Banks, Rocky Bay, Gansbaai, Sodwana Bay and Mozambique
Which does Shark Diving and viewing in Gansbaai - South Africa.
Gansbaai has the highest concentration of great whites in the world
and therefore it is a primary tourist attraction in South Africa.

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