Model of the
Cornelia Soule shipwreck in a bottle

The Cornelia Soule was a 306 ton three-masted schooner. She was bound from Maine to Philadelphia, heavily loaded with a cargo of cut granite jetty stones at the time of her demise.  

 On April 26, 1902, during a heavy sea and gale force wind, the vessel ran aground on Rockaway Shoals. Because of the heavy sea, lifesavers could not reach the schooner until the next morning. At that time, Captain Bennett and his entire crew of five men were rescued and treated for exposure ailments.


Project starts with a block of wood carved into basic hul shape.

Bow sprit is added and masts are made.

The masts are hinged so that they fold back to for inside the bottle.

This one is finished and ready to be inserted into the bottle. Note the historical photo used as a reference when building this ship.

With all of the masts and sails folded back the ship is slid into the bottle.

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The complete how to guide to the ancient mariners art of ship in a bottle building

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