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The Coffee Shipwreck  New York and New Jersey's Wreck Valley
Historical and current New York and New Jersey Shipwreck Information and images for scuba divers and fisherman.
  Coffee Wreck

The Coffee Wreck is a small unidentified shipwreck off Manasquan Inlet New Jersey. The wreck sits in 75' of water. We found excellent visibility as well as a few lobster when we surveyed the wreck in 2004. Aaron Hirsh completed the above 3-d image after only one dive. 

According to Capt. Steve Nagelwitz of the Diversion II "this wreck is sometimes called the "South Mohawk", this small pile of wood , rock and metal wreckage is thought by some to be a pile of cargo, perhaps with a wreck beneath. To date no one has identified her name or age, although some artifacts have come up that indicate a date from later 1800's". 

This wreck is a 40 mile run for the Wreck Valley but only 8 miles for the Manasquan Inlet New Jersey charter dive boats.

Coffee Shipwreck 3-D image by Dan Berg and Aaron Hirsh.








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