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The Acme Barge Shipwreck  New Jersey's (Wreck Valley)
Historical and current New Jersey Shipwreck Information and images for scuba divers and fisherman.

DIRECTIONS:        (Long Beach Island, Ocean County)
Take the Garden State Parkway to Exit 63, Rt 72. Stay on Rt 72 over the bridge then drive south on Long Beach Blvd. Continue on Long Beach Blvd to the Acme supermarket in Peahala Park. Make the first right after the supermarket and drive to the end.

The Acme Barge was named for its location, behind the Acme supermarket in Peahala Park. According to diver Cathie Cush, the steel barge sits in 18 feet of water, at high tide, and is partially exposed at both low and high tide. Divers can enter the water from the bulkhead. Exits are made easy by using a ladder located on the south end.  In an article Cathie wrote about the  barge, she reported that  Spring is the best time to dive the barge, because visibility is better.; In the summer when the bay water warms up algae reduces visibility. Divers have reported that the barge is covered with bryozoans and tube worms. According to George Dreher, of Triton Divers, be sure to stay close to a Dive Flag as the area is heavily trafficked with pleasure boats and jet skis.






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