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The Charlemagne Tower Shipwreck  New York and New Jersey's (Wreck Valley)
Historical and current New York and New Jersey Shipwreck Information and images for scuba divers and fisherman.

The Charlemagne Tower was built in 1888 at Quayle & M Co., Cleveland. She was 255 feet long, 40feet wide, displaced 1825 gross tons and was owned by Southern Steamship Co.

On March 6, 1914,while en route from Norfolk, Virginia, to Boston, she started to take on water. Captain Simmons ran her toward shore, then gave the order to abandon ship. All of the 17 men aboard departed in two lifeboats. One boat with four on board made it to shore despite a heavy surf. Captain Simmons and twelve crewmen were less lucky. They survived for twelve hours in a rough sea with snow and freezing temperatures acting against them before they were finally rescued by the vessel Bayport.

Today the Charlemagne Tower sits in 55 feet of water. Her wood hull is collapsed and low lying but is none the less interesting to explore.


Charlemagne Tower. Photo Dan Berg Wreck Valley Collection.






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