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The Commodore Shipwreck  New York's (Wreck Valley)
Historical and current New York Shipwreck Information and images for scuba divers and fisherman.

The Commodore was 265 feet long had a 32 foot beam and displaced 1,100 tons. She was valued at$100,000. She was built in New York in 1851 by Mr Ludger.

On December 29, 1866the Commodore departed her pier in New York en route for New London. A high wind and a disagreeable snow storm were prevailing at the time. According to the New York Times "Nothing however, beyond the ordinary events which occur in a severe storm, was experienced until the steamer neared Cornfield Lightship, at 10 PM, when she was struck by a terrific gale of wind that had the effect to crush in her bulkheads, sweep away a smoke stack, and wash away a considerable quantity of freight stored on the deck";. The Commodore also lost her ability to maneuver and a majority of her power. Two hours latter, she drifted aground on the beach off Horton's Point, in Long Island Sound. All 120 passengers and crew were saved.






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