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The Durley Chine (Bacardi) Shipwreck  New York and New Jersey's (Wreck Valley)
Historical and current New York and New Jersey Shipwreck Information and images for scuba divers and fisherman.

The Durley Chine was built in Sunderland, England, by the Osbourne, Grahm and Co. shipbuilders in1913. Her 279 foot length and 40.1 foot beam were powered by 209 nhp triple expansion engines. She displaced 1,918 gross and 1,157 net tons and was registered in Cardiff, Wales.

On April 22, 1917,only four years after she was built, the Durley Chine was in a collision with the British steamer, Harlem, and sank in an area known as Wreck Valley. At the time of her demise, she was en route from Halifax, N.S., to Norfolk, Virginia, under the command of Captain F.J. Anstey. The Durley Chine's entire crew of 28men were rescued by the Harlem.

For some years now, the unidentified wreck, known as the G&D, has been thought to be the Durley Chine. This assumption was proven wrong on June 28, 1987.  A group of divers from the Atlantic Wreck Divers Club, ran an expedition to the wreck which was then known as Bacardi. According to Brad Sheard, the Bacardi received its name by the charter captain who originally found the site. In order to return to the spot again he marked the wreck with a weighted line and a marker made from a corked bottle of Bacardi Rum. The wreck has since then been known to local divers and fisherman as the Bacardi.

Rick Jaszyn, who is one of the east coast's most experienced wreck divers, and a member of the Atlantic Wreck Divers Club, found and recovered the ship's bell. Inscribed on it were the words, ";S.S. Durley Chine-1913-Cardiff." This artifact, a prized find for any diver, positively identified the wreck formerly known Bacardi wreck as the Durley Chine, a Canadian cargo vessel.

Today, the wreck lies upright in 185 feet of water, bow and stern intact. Her boilers are amidships and her stern leans slightly to her port side. Visibility on this and the nearby Texas Tower can be excellent.


Rick Jaszyn with the bell from the Durley Chine.

Rick Jaszyn with the bell from the Durley Chine.







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