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The Fortuna Shipwreck  New York and New Jersey's (Wreck Valley)
Historical and current New York and New Jersey Shipwreck Information and images for scuba divers and fisherman.

The iron hulled three masted Italian bark Fortuna was built in 1869. She was 193 feet long had a 33foot beam and displaced 983 gross tons. On January 18, 1910 while en-route to New York with a cargo of coal the Fortuna ran aground off Ship Bottom NJ. The life saving station at Ship Bottom quickly responded and rescued her crew. The bark was then pounded and salvaged until only her bare hull remained. Shifting sand then buried the wreck. In 1983 while walking the beach part of the Fortuna's anchor was found protruding from the sand. The anchor was latter recovered and is now on display at the village hall.

In 2010 I received the following email and information

Hi Dan,
My name is Carole Bradshaw, aka the Anchor Lady. When I googled Fortuna Anchor, your website came up, and I was able to read a bit about the Fortuna. Nice coverage, but not entirely correct. I was the one who found the anchor in 1983 and spearheaded its recovery. I did extensive research into the Fortuna, actually meeting with the 6-week old baby who was rescued from the ship 73 years before. The part of your story that is incorrect is that the Fortuna did not carry coal. She did not have any cargo on board, only ballast of roofing tiles that she loaded on in Marseille, France.
There was another ship named Fortuna that wrecked in Ocean City, Delaware about the same time. Perhaps that is the one that carried coal and the two got confused. The media has printed the same error several times, but that does not make it correct; only confusing.
So, thought you'd like the opportunity to print the correct version of history.
Carole Bradshaw

Photo above : Carole Bradshaw standing with the Fortuna anchor in January 2010, on the 100th anniversary of the shipwreck. Anchor is 10' x 10', weighing approx. 6000 lbs.







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