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The John C Fitzpatrick Shipwreck  New York and New Jersey's (Wreck Valley)
Historical and current New York and New Jersey Shipwreck Information and images for scuba divers and fisherman.

This previously unidentified wreck has been known as the Jug for years. Two years ago, Ron Barnes, of the Aquarians Dive Club, found and recovered her bronze windlass cover. Written on his artifact, Ron found the following information: "John C Fitzpatrick, American Ship Windlass Co. Providence RI, 1892. F. W. Wheeler & Co. Shipbuilder, West Bay City, Michigan". Ron's find identified the wreck as the John C Fitzpatrick, a four-masted wooden schooner built in 1892. She was 242 feet long, had a 39 foot beam and 16 foot draft. The Fitzpatrick displaced 1,277 gross tons and 1,207 net tons.

On April 3, 1903, the Fitzpatrick, which had been converted to a barge, was being towed by the tugboat, Sweepstakes, from Philadelphia to New Bedford with 2400 tons of Bituminous coal. The Barge's boiler blew up and she sank immediately with her entire crew of five. At the time, the Fitzpatrick was owned by Boutelle Transportation Company of Cleveland, Ohio.

Today, the John C. Fitzpatrick lies scattered on the ocean floor in 130 to 140 feet of water out of Shinnecock inlet. Her remains are excellent for finding big lobsters.

I have not been to the Jug Wreck in quite a few years. Was reading a divers report in The Deco Stop which reported "a dragger hung the wreck and ripped what I would estimate to be the forward 20' off the wreck. The net and gear are now lying in a pile on the bottom.

Photo: Ron Barnes with the capstain cover that identified the wreck as the Fitzpatrick. Photo courtesy Aquarians Dive Club







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