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The NY and NJ Shipwreck Expo Directory Capt. Dan Berg's Guide to Shipwrecks

Historical and current New York and New Jersey Shipwreck Information and images for scuba divers and fisherman.

NY/NJ Shipwrecks
NY/NJ Shipwrecks
NY/NJ Shipwrecks
NY/NJ Shipwrecks

3-d Wreck images  
Shipwreck 120
  59 Pounder
Acme Barge
Adonis (Dual Wrecks)
Admiral Dupont
Akron (blimp)
Alan Martin 
Alex Gibson
USS Algol
Almirante Shipwreck
Andrea Doria
Antioch Shipwreck
Aqua II
Atlantus Shipwreck
Aurora Shipwreck
Aysrshire Shipwreck
Ayuruoca Shipwreck
Azua Shipwreck
BA Wreck
Balaena Shipwreck
Bald eagle
Bannister Creek Barge
Bayville Barge
  Beach 59th St wreck
Beth De Bob
Becky Lee
Bidevind Shipwreck
Big Mama Shipwreck
Big Wreck
Black Point Shipwreck
Black Warrior
Blue Crown Shipwreck
Bluffs Wreck
Boston Lightship
Brenton Tower
Brian C Shipwreck
Brigantine Buoy
Bronx Queen
Buoy 4 Barge Wreck
Cape Straight
Capitol City Shipwreck
Car Float Shipwreck
Car Float NJ
Carolina Shipwreck
Cassandra Shipwreck
Castle Del Ray
Celia Brown
Celtic Shipwreck
Chaparra Shipwreck
Charlemagne Tower
Charles E. Dunlap
Chauncey Shipwreck
China Wreck
China Junk Wreck
Chinese Schooner
  Choapa Shipwreck
  Choctow Shipwreck
  Circassian Shipwreck
  City of Athens
  City of Georgetown
  Coal Wreck
Coffee Wreck
  Coimbra Shipwreck
  Coney Island
  Continent Wreck
  Cornelius Hargrave
Cornelia Soule
  Crane Barge
  Cranford Wreck
  Creole Shipwreck
  H.M.S. Culloden



  Derelict Bay
  Dodger Shipwreck
  Dorthy B. Barrett
  Doug & Don
  Dragger Shipwreck
  Drumelizer Shipwreck
  Dunlap Shipwreck
Durley Chine (Bacardi)
  Dykes Wreck
Edwin Duke
Edmund Phinney
Eatons Neck Barge
  Elizabeth Warren
  Eugene F Moran
Eureka Shipwreck
Evening Star
  F Buoy Shipwreck
Fame Shipwreck
  Finnance Shipwreck
  Fire Island Barge
  Fire Islander
  First Lady
Frank Buck
Francis Perkins
Francis S Bushey
Fran S Shipwreck
G Force Shipwreck
G&D (Yankee)
  Gate City Shipwreck
George R Skolfield
Glen Island Shipwreck
Gluckauf Shipwreck
Good Humor Barge
Good Times
Great Isaac
Greenport Wreck
Gulftrade Shipwreck
Gwendoline Steers
Halcyon Shipwreck 
Happy days
Harveys Schooner
Herbert Shipwreck
Highlands Wreck
Holgate I Shipwreck
Hussar Shipwreck
Hylton Castle
  Iberia Stern
Ida K
Inshore Paddle Wheel
Inshore Schooner
  Ioannis P. Goulandris
Irma c
  Isabel B. Wiley
Jacob M Haskell
Jacob Jones
Jean Elizabeth
John C Fitzpatrick
John Marvin Shipwreck
John Minturn
John Phillips
Jones Dry Dock
Jones tug
  Juno Shipwreck
  Kennebec Shipwreck
  King Cobra






  Laita Shipwreck
  Lana Carol
  Larchmont Shipwreck
  Lemuel Burrows
  Lexington Shipwreck
  Lieutenant Shipwreck 
Lillian Shipwreck
  Little Gull Shipwreck
  Lively Shipwreck
  Live Oak Shipwreck
  HMS Liverpool
  Lizzie H Brayton
Lizzie D
Lobster Diving
Lost wreck
  Maine Shipwreck
Malden Shipwreck
Malta Shipwreck
  Manasquan Inlet Wreck
  Manasquan Wreck
  Marcline Shipwreck
  Margaret Shipwreck
  Maryland Shipwreck
  Maurice Tracy
  Max's Shipwreck
  Mexico Shipwreck
  Miles M Mary
  Miller Wreck
  Molasses Barge
Money Ship
Morania Abaco
Moriches Schooner
Murphy Shipwreck
New Era Shipwreck
Norness Shipwreck
North East Sailer
  Northern Pacific
Northern 29
OBI Barge
Ocean Prince
Ocean Wreck Divers
USS Ohio Shipwreck
Oklahoma Shipwreck
Old Yankee
  Onondaga Shipwreck 
Oregon Pg 2
Oregon Pg3

 Paddy McGee
Panther Shipwreck  
  Park City
  Patrice McAllister
  Pauline Marie
  Peggy Diana
Pentland Firth
  Peter Rickmers
Pink Pinnacle
  Prins Mauritius
Pipe Barge
  Pliny Shipwreck
Princess Anne
RC Mohawk
  Reggie Shipwreck
Relief Ship
  Remedios Pascual
Republic Shipwreck
RP Resor Shipwreck
Riggie barge
  Right Arm Shipwreck
Rjukan Shipwreck
Roanoke Barges
Robert A Snow
Rockland County

Roda Shipwreck
Rump Wreck
Rusland Shipwreck
Rye Cliff Ferry
 Shipwreck Salvage
  Sam Berman
San Jose
USS San Diego
Sandy Hook
  San Saba
Sea Cliff Wreck
Sea Girt Shipwreck
Sea Wolf Shipwreck
Shark Diving
  Shirley Ann
Silver Ingot Barge
Sindia Shipwreck
Sommerstad (Virginia)
Spartan Shipwreck
Steel Wreck
Stolt Dagali
Stone Barge
  Suffolk Shipwreck
Summerville Tug
Sumner Shipwreck
Snug Harbor
HMS Sylph

  T. Charlton Henry
Tanks wreck
  Texas Tower 
Texel Shipwreck
Thames Shipwreck
Three Sisters
  SS Thurmond
Tolten Shipwreck
Train Wheel
USS Turner
  Twenty Five Dollar
U-853 German Sub
  U-Who (U-869)
Valerie E
  Varanger Shipwreck
Veronica M Shipwreck
  Wash Out Barge
Wayne Wreck
Western World
William B. Diggs
William Farrel
Yellow Flag
Yonkers (Tennyson)
$25 Wreck

How to SHIPWRECK DIVING Guide By Capt Dan Berg

Treasure Shipwrecks of New York and New Jersey's (Wreck Valley)

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A Record of Shipwrecks off Long Island's South Shore and New Jersey.

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This is the most comprehensive, accurate, illustrated collection of information, photographs, sketches and stories ever written about the wrecks that lie off the Long Island, New York, and New Jersey shores. This book is a completely new updated, expanded and enhanced edition of Daniel Berg's original Wreck Valley book. Wreck Valley Vol II covers the history, legend, present condition, aquatic life and pertinent dive information on over 90 shipwrecks. This text includes over 265 illustrations comprised of 137 color photographs, 97 black and white historical images, 32 sketches, plus one map. The collection of historical photographs alone would take years of archive research to locate and would cost a small fortune if purchased separately. Many of these rare photographs have never before been published. Divers, fisherman, marine historians, armchair sailors or anyone with a general interest in history, diving or the sea will surely find this book informative, fascinating and the perfect addition to their library.  




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Shipwreck Expo Free Newsletter
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