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The Long Island Sound and Connecticut  Shipwreck Expo Capt. Berg's Guide to Shipwrecks
Historical and current New York and New England Shipwreck Information and images for scuba divers and fisherman.

Click on wreck name on chart for complete history of each popular shipwreck. Or check out our complete data base of Connecticut shipwreck information below.
 Long Island West Shipwreck Chart     Long Island Sound Shipwreck Chart
  New Jersey North Shipwreck Chart

LI Sound Shipwrecks
LI Sound Shipwrecks
LI Sound Shipwrecks
Li Sound Shipwrecks
Adventure Shipwreck
Amsterdam Shipwreck
Atlantic Shipwreck
Bayville Barge

Barataria Shipwreck
Benjamin F Packard
Capitol City
Car Float Shipwreck
Celtic Shipwreck
Condor Shipwreck

Chinese Schooner Shipwreck
Defense Shipwreck
USS G-2 Submarine

Glen Island
Greenport Wreck

Gwendoline Steers
Hussar Shipwreck
John Downs Shipwreck

Larchmont Shipwreck
Lexington Shipwreck
Maine Shipwreck
Marise Shipwreck
Murphy Shipwreck

Myronus Shipwreck
USS Ohio Shipwreck

Polling Brothers #2
 Rye Cliff Ferry Wreck
Storm Petrel Shipwreck
Thames Shipwreck
Thumper Shipwreck

Treasure Shipwrecks of New York and New Jersey's (Wreck Valley)

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