Capt. Dan Berg's.......Waterfront Real Estate Guide    

Find waterfront homes, and real estate. State and tropical listings. Websites packed full of information on waterfront, lakefront, oceanfront beachfront property and real estate. 

Arizona   California   Colorado
Connecticut   Delaware   Florida
Florida Keys
Georgia   Indiana   Massachusetts
Maryland   New York
  Long Island
  Nassau County    Suffolk County
  Thousand Islands NY
New Hampshire  
North Carolina
New jersey   Ohio   Pennsylvania
South Carolina   Tennessee   Texas
Virginia   Washington    
The complete regional guide to waterfront real estate, vacation rentals, waterfront restaurants and water sport activities.


Imagine your own waterfront home. Living on the water and waking up each morning to that million dollar view. The conveyance of keeping your boat in the back yard. Life just does not get much better. Most people who are lucky enough to live on or near the water never revert back to a land locked home. The cool breeze, ocean waves, water sports, and convenient boating can be ultimate reward for all your hard work. Capt. Dan invites you to search our sister web site  and through the above listed State indexed real estate listings for that perfect piece of water front property. You will also find related mortgage sites with easy to use mortgage calculators that allow you to accurately calculate just how affordable many of these properties can be.



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