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Find a complete source of nautical weather links

Please find above Capt. Dan Berg's NY & NJ easy reference Nautical weather chart with links to Noaa Weather buoys as well as beach cams. Boaters, divers and fisherman will find these easy to use and useful for most offshore trips. If the wind is blowing out of the West the seas off Long Island may be a bit rough but if you check out one of the NJ beach cams you will most likely find calm water (especially in the Lee of the highlands). If the wind is blowing out of the North NJ boaters can head North and find calmer water in the shelter of Long Island. Of course knowing how sea worthy your boat is and the experience level of Capt and crew play a big factor when planning any offshore trip. Please use the data on this page to help you plan and enjoy your scuba, fishing and boating trips.


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Marine Weather
Ambrose Light
20 Mile Buoy
Local Forecast
Tide Table







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