Capt. Dan Bergs Wreck Valley Shipwreck CD  
Find a complete source of Capt. Dan Berg's shipwreck research, historical photographs and  images.
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WRECK VALLEY Multi Media Shipwreck CD

***Explore over 500 shipwrecks without ever getting wet!***

Capt. Daniel Berg's exciting new multi media shipwreck CD. Dan Berg is a noted wreck diver and marine researcher. Dan is the author of ten shipwreck books and hosts the Dive Wreck Valley cable TV series. Now you can join Dan and explore the history and present condition of over 500 shipwrecks without ever getting wet.

This multimedia shipwreck CD includes over 1,000 photographs, sketches, side scan sonar images, maps, loran #s, over 50 underwater video clips and much more! Shipwreck database is searchable by name, depth, date built, date sunk, type of vessel, and location. Viewers can also choose to highlight only wrecks with video or search by categories like Treasure Wrecks, Artificial Reefs or Beach Dives. The Wreck Valley CD also contains sections on wreck diving, marine life, treasure hunting, side scan sonar, and shipwreck research information. " The Wreck Valley multimedia Shipwreck CD is the most comprehensive, accurate, illustrated collection of information, photographs, sketches, video and stories ever written about North East shipwrecks."

System Requirements:  486 DX4/100Mhz, 8MB of Ram, CD-Drive, audio board and VGA+display. Windows 3.1 or latter operating system. Recommended: Pentium 133 Mhz, 8x CD rom drive, 16 million color display. The new Wreck Valley CD is perfect for divers, fisherman, marine historians, armchair sailors or anyone with a general interest in history, diving, treasure hunting, or the sea.
Retail $19.95

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