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  Zeagle Masks
Zeagle Systems special design work with public safety, research, and military customers in the past few years, has been applied to civilian use, in the creation of the extremely innovative RAPID-DIVER
  Zeagle Fins
Zeagle's Teleoz Fin is the first fin to be truly designed as athletic footwear for swimming, with great concern given to weight and fit– two things that are overlooked in most fin designs. These fins look very different from other fins you'll see– but you can't appreciate how different they are until you try them.
Light weight is important because every time you kick you must accelerate the mass of your fin. The more it weighs, the harder you have to work. This is true regardless of whether your fin floats or sinks when it's in the water (think of an aircraft carrier- it floats, but just try to push it!). Diving with heavy fins is like jogging with heavy boots– it's possible, but you work a lot harder to get where you're going.
Good, solid fit is important because a weak or sloppy attachment between the foot and the blade wastes energy and is uncomfortable. The Teleoz (patented) Binding system works like a cross between a sandal and a running shoe. Rather than fitting your foot into a plastic bucket, the Teleoz binding adjusts and contours to fit your foot exactly, and can accommodate anything from bare feet to drysuit boots. They are simple to put on and easy to remove at the end of a dive. And the open toe design reduces strain on the calf muscle, which is a primary cause of cramping.
Blade Design is important mainly in providing the proper surface area and flex pattern in a clean and efficient package. Over the years there have been a lot of unusual patterns in fin blades– splits, vents, battens, and wings, each touted as the ultimate solution to moving divers through the water. Our research has led us instead to a simple, clean design that slips through the water easily and tracks straight. In spite of not having the large, heavy side rails common on less sophisticated designs, the Teleoz fins do not have any tendency to sideslip on the down kick. Subtle variations in the thickness of the blade allow for optimum channeling of the water throughout the kick cycle.
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